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Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by nathan - Today at 07:35 AM
along with the brown unregistered one i put up on the last page, the seller reportedly had this one. I have no details barring a FB post noting a chap had bought it.  It was in Lismore reportedly and got submerged in the horrendous floods.  If its as bad as the interior looks, I cant imagine much could have been saved on this one.
Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by nathan - Today at 07:22 AM
I note the round about of #6032 continues (see earlier), this must be the 4th or 5th time ive seen it advertised in the last few years.  The silver green, they want 40k on carsales. Its done 3km since last year according to the odometer pictures!  Doesnt look bad, but odd...
Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by nathan - Today at 07:19 AM
so #5899 has popped up in the ACT, not a common spot for 6.9s despite our former prime minister owning a 116 during his tenure.  Silver on blue, its an auction site so not sure on finishing price.  An australian Lanes (Melbourne) delivered car, it has 198,000km on it.  The car is tidy, not mint but relatively low kms. It has seome very deep blue door cards which look like they probably did when new.  It has a round suspension knob of interest, otherwise nothing out of the ordinary and the website gives little details.
Mechanicals / Re: Fuel Economy
Last post by goldacre - Yesterday at 09:00 PM
My 1979 450SEL (4.5 ltr) low compression Australian delived car on its best run was 13.1 litres per 100 klm on a 45 degrees Celsius day (damn hot) AC on and cruising at 100kph and was very happy with that.

On other runs where traffic driving, freeways etc it ranges from 14 liters to 18 liters per 100klm.

I find using the low octane fuel which is reported to be 91 octane increases consumption by 1 ltr per 100klm from experience but do run hi octane at 98 on long trips when weather is hot but have been told would need to tweak engine timing to get full benefit? Slightly more advanced apparently?

Test Drive / Mercedes Classics with Pierre ...
Last post by gurrier - Yesterday at 03:05 PM
Interesting video on the W116
Mechanicals / Re: Fuel Economy
Last post by Type17 - Yesterday at 08:13 AM
Over the last 7,200 miles / 10 years, my 350SE has averaged 17 MPG Imp. / 14.1 MPG US / 16.6 l/100km

Best was 22.5 Imp. / 18.7 US / 12.55 l/100km - a Mercedes-Benz Club run on quiet highways at around 80-90km/h / 50-55mph

Worst was 13.2 Imp. / 11 US / 21.4 l/100km - a half-tank where I consistently got stuck in heavy city traffic.

PS: If you have an iPhone, I recommend the Road Trip app - great for logging fuel, servicing and other expenses (no connection with it, just a happy user). I've logged all my cars since 2012 -
Mechanicals / Re: Fuel Economy
Last post by UTn_boy - 02 December 2022, 01:49 PM
If you have a U.S. version 450se it'll have a low compression engine.....somewhere around 8.00:1.  The U.S. versions take regular unleaded 87 octane.
Mechanicals / Re: mercedes 280 se w116
Last post by paraguaiano - 02 December 2022, 09:38 AM
Thanks you!!
Mechanicals / Re: 450 SE flasher relay
Last post by Gpapaniko - 02 December 2022, 07:18 AM
Just replaced mine, Pelican parts but you are going to pay over AUD200 for it. An old school auto electrician may be able to configure a generic one for you cheaper.
Auto Torque / Re: Need EPC help finding engi...
Last post by belchmarvel - 02 December 2022, 04:54 AM
Give me more detailed information about it!