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Mechanicals / Re: mercedes 280 se w116
Last post by Taha - 07 December 2022, 09:06 PM

Check the photos below.
Document numbers:

01-310 Complete removal and installation of oil pan
20-210 Removal and installation of water pump
03-340 Removal and installation of pulley, Vibration and balancing disc

Mechanicals / Re: Just secured a 450 SEL 6.9...
Last post by Jan S - 07 December 2022, 05:47 PM
You are moving forward relatively fast, great to see and follow your project.

My car had a shot accumulator and fuel pump 1,5 yrs ago, so I decided to renew everything. Although the bracket got a good clean.

Adding a pic taken before assembly, can serve as an inspiration  :)
Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by nathan - 06 December 2022, 08:20 PM
Cheers Neil,

Ive kept records for about 20 years for my own perverse interest as we have two, but have had about 8 or so amongst other MBs.  I thought a public record is kind of interesting. Start one for the Canadian side of things!

Im off to your part of the world next week, but just the west coast for Xmas with family. I dont imagine 116s last long in snow!
Mechanicals / Re: Just secured a 450 SEL 6.9...
Last post by daantjie - 06 December 2022, 06:16 PM
Nice progress.  Absolutely a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy when working on the fuel system and of course disconnect the battery.  As well keeping one in the cab when driving is also a no brainer.  As an old Benz buddy of mine says:"The entertainment value of an engine fire should not be dismissed out of hand"... ;D
Mechanicals / Re: Just secured a 450 SEL 6.9...
Last post by andrewk - 06 December 2022, 06:07 PM
The fuel system hoses were rock hard, likely original to the car and weeped fuel when flexed. A reminder to inspect your fuel system hose if it hasn't been checked recently. Carrying a fire extinguisher is probably a good idea too.

The pump and accumulator were original but the filter was replaced somewhere around 2005 (2005 date code on the can).
Mechanicals / Re: Just secured a 450 SEL 6.9...
Last post by andrewk - 06 December 2022, 05:56 PM
I had an extremely tedious experience draining the fuel tank after thinking it was empty, it turns out 40 L was still in there. Whoops. After that, the fuel system was removed and given a good clean.

Last night, I managed to get the engine to turn over freely.
I left the fuel supply system out of the car so no fuel was supplied to the engine. Then, a brand new Varta battery was installed, voltages at critical points measured and all the fuses inspected for corrosion. Electronics all seem to be working and belts intact, so we decided to crank the engine. It turns over well with no hesitation or obvious resistance. It even fired almost immediately after the key was turned - probably the last little bit of fuel in the injectors.

I am extremely happy that everything is turning, and all of the fluids look to be in good condition, in line with the maintenance history.

I sent the fuel system brackets off for Nickel-Zinc plating and passivation as they were pitted and filthy, but otherwise in good condition. A replacement bracket from Niemoeller is several hundred dollars so I figure restoration will be the best bet for parts like this. The battery tray is just over $100 AUD from Niemoeller so I ordered a replacement with some other parts.

Next the rear HPF axle valve (in really bad shape, caked in mud and oil) will be removed and sent to Martin Werminghausen in the USA for refurbishment and the return hoses replaced as they have perished, one is missing! then the fuel system will be reinstalled; completely refurbished with new hoses, pump, filter, strainer, accumulator, damper, mounting buffers. Then it will be time to get this old girl running and out of the garage :D

In the interim, I have also purchased a lot of rubber seals, suspension, brake and axle parts which have deteriorated and require attention. Those are small, moderate to low priced items I can fix while waiting for parts to arrive from the USA, Germany and from the electroplating shop in Queanbeyan (Electroplating Technology for those of you in Australia). This way I avoid over capitalising on the expensive parts until I can diagnose them properly.

This forum is a very good resource for a W116 6.9 owner, and I am extremely grateful for the time put in to the content on here - it has been extremely helpful.

Shop / Re: Cars and their parts for S...
Last post by sutekh - 05 December 2022, 03:52 PM
Hi there. I don't see the pics, but maybe it's just me. What colors are the interiors? Id be interested in a trans kick-down solenoid and the climate wood surround if either are uncracked. Thanks!
Test Drive / Re: Australian 6.9 sales
Last post by Neil4speed - 05 December 2022, 11:43 AM
I could not be further from you in Canada, but love reading of your catalog of 6.9's in Australia. Thanks for sharing.
Mechanicals / Re: Fuel Economy
Last post by adamb - 04 December 2022, 05:22 PM
My 1977 6.9 with the standard engine - best 17 miles per imperial gallon, worst 9 mpg. Averages 13-14 mpg. For the record, my main family transport is an electric Dutch "Mama Fiets" with two child seats.

Test Drive / Re: Mercedes Classics with Pie...
Last post by adamb - 04 December 2022, 05:15 PM
Yes saw this and thought it was a good angle on the 116