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Mechanicals / Re: '73 280SEL (116 025) Fusebox insert MIA
« Last post by ptashek on Today at 01:36 PM »
Yes, I've made both the PDF and SVG files based on the insert from my car. The wording and layout were copied over as-is.
Mechanicals / Re: '73 280SEL (116 025) Fusebox insert MIA
« Last post by Frankenstien on Today at 10:32 AM »
ptashek ... those are also helpful (I see Hotbasco also provided a pic of a German language insert in the thread you ref.) ... those files of yours depict very clean and straight insert images!  (Did you author the SVG file?  It was a bit of a puzzle for me, as far as downloading it was concerned ... I had to look here: SVG File (What It Is and How to Open & Convert One) for a clue) ... thank you very much ... I still continue to see little differences in the various inserts I have come across so far ... FFF
Mechanicals / Re: Boot/Trunk central locking
« Last post by revilla on Today at 10:05 AM »
Been there...  :-[

You can try the following:

Either at the B pillar and/or behind the rear seat you will find 2 plastic tubes. They are on the right side of your car. One in yellow with green stripe (to unlock under vacuum), the other is yellow with red stripe (to lock under vacuum).
Disconnect from the rubber connector. Blow pressure into the yellow-red one, or alternatively, pull vacuum from the yellow-green one. That trick should unlock both your fuel cover and your trunk.

Good luck.
Let us know of the results.

BTW, the rubber membranes on both are repairable. I used a thin rubber latex from a glove with bicycle tire repair glue. Works like a charm. The leak was small though.These bellows are smaller in diameter than those on the doors, but they can be in fact separated from the unit the same way the ones at the doors can.
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Seats
« Last post by marku on Today at 09:46 AM »
And a very good thought too. I will have a try it is a particular problem, not only with the forum, but we have an abysmal line speed, the downside of living in the countryside and with an archaic phone system, and it can take nearly an hour sometimes to upload. So will experiment thanks
Mechanicals / Re: Boot/Trunk central locking
« Last post by Howard60 on Today at 09:35 AM »
So add to the complication, the car had been standing for a few weeks, so I started the engine to charge the vacuum reservoir,
after reattaching the hoses to the diaphragm -they had been blanked off before I got to them, and they worked!
But the rear doors stopped working??!!
Then I foolishly closed the boot and it wont open (also turns out the key I had was not for the boot) So I am now locked out of the boot!

So apart from ordering a replacement key which will take some time under our present circumstances to get back into the boot.
I then I need to ascertain why the rear doors stopped working? Are the two problems related? Is this a Mercedes anomaly, Or safety feature ?

Confused of Teddington!
Mechanicals / Re: Boot/Trunk central locking
« Last post by daantjie on Today at 09:00 AM »
These pop up occasionally on ebay for cheap if you're lucky. Don't buy used ones.
Mechanicals / Re torque heads after break in?
« Last post by Rolo on Today at 08:33 AM »
 I just rebuilt the motor.  Do you know if the factory recommends re torquing the heads after break in miles on new motors?
Mechanicals / Hilfe
« Last post by paraguaiano on Today at 08:18 AM »
guten abend, lass mich mich vorstellen: mein name ist pietro und ich schreibe dir aus süditalien, ich mag den mercedes w116 sehr, tatsächlich habe ich einen! mercedes 280 se von 79, den ich ein wenig reparieren muss, aus diesem grund frage ich dich, ob du mir helfen kannst, gegeben dass du in der Heimat von Mercedes bist
Ich schreibe nicht auf Deutsch, auch wenn ich es ziemlich diskret spreche, ich schreibe nicht einmal Englisch, auch wenn ich nicht sehr gut sprechen kann, aber ich schaffe es, dafür benutze ich den Google Übersetzer, der nicht der beste ist !! Es kann einige Übersetzungsfehler geben, leider ist es nicht meine Schuld! Ich bitte dich um Geduld!
dann sind die 2 Dinge, die ich euch alle im Forum fragen wollte.
Wissen Sie als erstes am Drehzahlmesser, wo das Kabel in die Motorseite eingeführt werden soll? Ich weiß, dass mit 2 Einfügungen eine auf dem linken Kotflügel, wo sich die Spule befindet, die andere ist? auf dem Händler? Ich weiß nicht, ich hoffe du kannst mir helfen.
Meine andere Hilfe, die ich Sie bitte, ist folgende: Ich sende Ihnen ein Foto. Ich habe unter dem Ansaugkrümmer, wo sich das Hilfsluftventil befindet, ein leeres Rohr. Ich finde nicht das Rohr, das ich einführen soll. Was soll dorthin gehen? jetzt verstopfte es mit einer Schraube, aber was muss es dort gehen? Leider bekommt der Motor zu viel Luft und wird immer beschleunigt. Ich weiß nicht, was ich tun soll. Hier kennen die Mechaniker die k-Tonika nicht und Arabisch für sie. Ich lebe auf einer Insel. Wenn Sie mir helfen können, wäre ich sehr dankbar. ein herzlicher grüße an alle von peter aus italien.
good evening, let me introduce myself: my name is pietro and i am writing to you from southern italy, i am very fond of the mercedes w116, in fact i have one! mercedes 280 se of 79, which i have a little to fix, for this reason i ask you if you can help me, given that you are in the home of mercedes
I don't write in German even if I speak it fairly discreetly, I don't even write English, even if I can't speak very well but I manage, for this I use the google translator, which is not the best !! there may be some translation errors, unfortunately it is not my fault! I ask you patience!
then the 2 things I wanted to ask you all in the forum are.
the first on the tachometer, do you know where the cable is to be inserted in the motor side? I know that with 2 insertions one on the left mudguard where there is the coil, is it the other? on the distributor? I don't know I hope you can help me.
my other help that I ask you is this, I send you a photo, I have under the intake manifold where there is the auxiliary air valve an empty tube, I do not find the tube that I should insert what should go there? now clogged it with a screw, but what must it go there? unfortunately the engine gets too much air and is always accelerated I don't know what to do, here the mechanics don't know the k jertonic, and arabic for them, I live on an island, if you can help me I would be very grateful. a warm greeting to all from peter from italy.
Mechanicals / Re: 6.9 engine mountings apparently back in production
« Last post by UTn_boy on Today at 06:34 AM »
People like the fella selling the motor mounts for 1,200 Euros is a large part of why the hobby becomes unenjoyable, costly, and off putting to many.  I wish there were some way to put a cap on price for certain things, but even then how would that be determined?  Greed is an ugly thing, and no one wears it well. 
Mechanicals / Re: Boot/Trunk central locking
« Last post by Howard60 on Today at 05:16 AM »
Yes your memory does. That certainly seems to look the case, fortunately my filler cap still locks, so Ill get used to manually locking the boot!
i think the price negates me the luxury of a full integrated locking system.

thanks for your speedy reply

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