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You've got to be joking

Started by Big_Richard, 21 October 2011, 04:01 AM


TJ 450


Well that's your opinion, MT (of which I happen to share to some extent).

However, the HDT/ Brockodores have quite a cult following.

I could think of a million other ways to spend such amounts of money though.

1976 450SEL 6.9 1432
1969 300SEL 6.3 1394
2003 ML500



Quote from: 1980sdga on 21 October 2011, 11:44 AM
"The last of the V8 interceptors!"

Thankyou for the embarrassment :-[

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Amen!



"These first stamps, with a floral border and a number, were aptly called "the Missionaries". Valued at $150,000 to $250,000 the rare two-cent blue stamp now belongs to a few lucky collectors. It is the only stamp in history for which a collector was killed and the only stamp once accepted by two sovereign nations, Hawaii and the US."

Now, dear W116 addicts, in a forced choice, would you take a Commodore or a 1-inch square scrap of paper?  You take the stamp, sell it quickly on the international market (what would a VL Commodore bring in an LA car lot?), and buy the best 6.9 you can find.  That is the daily driver, and you have 100k plus to spend on a Columbo Ferrari, with 20-30k left in reserve to go towards its next mechanical rebuild.

This is what makes a W116 (or my new W140) a snip.  BTW, anyone know of the 6.9 for sale on in Tassie?


I think a more realistic value would be 50k or less and even then it'd want to have less than 10,000ks on the clock, not 95000.

even still at my perceived maximum value its about 40k more than its worth.


Ha, this wanker has been trying to offload this hideous thing for months, maybe longer. It's seriously ugly IMO, even for a dunnydore. Must have come by his valuation with darts and a dartboard, and plenty of booze.


kinda reminds me of the "wankinshaw" VL, i remember growing up and having my peers crap on about them saying how "fully sick" they were. To me they always looked ugly even back then.

I preferred the look without all the extra crap attached and preferred the v8 over the Nissan straight 6 everyone also kept crapping on about. but that was when i was a teenager now the few left running are just old peices of junk - except for the special versions which people have looked after.


"wankinshaw", "fully sick", "dunnydore" ?

You guys are awesome. I think...


No, stop, I'm going to be sick  :P