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You are given $200,000 dollars, what would you buy?

Started by Des, 13 October 2007, 05:26 AM


You are given $200,000 dollars, what would you buy?

Simple enough, Des is being generous and gives you $2,000 to buy the car of your dreams, or of your nightmares, what would you buy?


A 600 Grosser, a 6.3 and a 6.9

Oh and maybe a C-class Avantgarge for my wifely.

Either that or pay off my home loan.

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Moss Green/ Cognac leather 6.3 for sure...a Stormy Blue RX-8 manual, black SP MX-5 and keep the change. Or a Moss Green/ Cognac 280SE 3.5 cabrio and keep the change


Lancia 037 Stradale and a full-time babysitter... I ain't going to be home much anymore...

Brian Crump

Oh bother, I don't think I'm allowed to tell you on this forum....


I would definitely go a 600 Grosser, prefer a Landraut, not sure I would have the funds to cover it.


Yeah, the mortgage would have to take the bulk of it but I'd tell the mrs Des gave me $150,000 8) then I'd splurge the remaing $50,000 on a stunning 6.9 and this coupe I've been eyeing off for so long it's not funny

1973 350SE, my first & fave


Quote from: Brian Crump on 13 October 2007, 05:55 AM
Oh bother, I don't think I'm allowed to tell you on this forum....

Says who BC? go on, I wanna hear it. 

Brian Crump

OK 116Benz - since you are such a persuasive gentleman!!
It would be a toss up from:
1. A 1998 Bentley Continental + a Smart by Brabus.
2. A R-R with body by Gurney-Nutting + a Smart by Brabus.
3. A Lancia Lambda + buy a 6.9 for Oscar.
4. A Fiat 2300 Coupe + a Flavia Coupe + 600 with a nitro kit.


 :-[ I can be sometimes...Some lovely toys there.

s class

You guys have no imagination - but Caroline does.....

Wouldn't it be enough to get a project 300SL gullwing?

OK so you don't want a project - what about a full works spec Ralli-art Lancer evo rally car?

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13B, im exactly with buy a sweet 600 for infrequent journeys, that gold 6.3 in eastern states (wanting 48k!) and the white 6.9 recently bought by Michael for my dad to drive (this is really nice, i infact printed out the carpoint ad and left it on dads kitchen table).  id then also get a w203 diesel c class for my wife (and unborn child!)...i think this would be bang almost on be very broke quickkly with maintenance but stuff it
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A huge shed to house all the w116's I can possibly find (possibly some 124's as well). ;D

Okay, so that might not count...
'79 280SEL- 560,000 Kms
'73 350SE- getting an AMG facelift
'79 450SEL 6.9


Oscar - buy the coupe if you can somehow manage to afford it. I only say this because I have been dreaming of a V8 coupe for ages & have finally gotten hold of one that I LOVE! And I am loaning the 116 to a friend who really needs a car & saw her drive off in it tonight & I thought to myself: I am going to regret selling that car one day really soon. Because the car represented something more than transport; it was somehow a defining element in my life for almost three years. It is something I'm proud of, something I enjoyed thoroughly & something I love to share with those amongst my friends who are suceptible to those types of things... So, if the coupe is what you want above & beyond all other things, go for it. The trouble with desire is - as soon as you fulfill your desire, it goes & implants itself on some other thing...