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You are given $200,000 dollars, what would you buy?

Started by Des, 13 October 2007, 05:26 AM


1st I'd pay the house off, then buy a DeTomaso pantera.
After that I would buy a 450SL.
Russell Bond - (Adelaide, South Australia)
1978 450SEL 6.9 .... #5166 .... 12/78 (Sold.) [url="//"][/url]

Martin 280s

R$200,00 Hummmm, first a new house/garage, sort of like a warehouse with a penthouse on top. Then, restore my BMW bike and W108 and take a good holiday...may be to the MB classic centre. When I get back buy another MB, perhaps a Heckflosse or a newer model. 


i would probably fix up everything with the cars i have now, then buy a super clean 6.9 and put the rest towards a house boat;) Miami Vice style ;)