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Worlds most expensive cars to drive

Started by Big_Richard, 09 August 2008, 05:10 AM




1979 116 6.9 #6436
2018 213 e63
2011 212 e63
2011 463 g55
2007 211 e500 wagen
1995 124 e320 cabriolet
1983 460 300gd
1981 123 280te




I assume that they are quoting depreciation as the major running cost.

Where are the Ferrari/R-R/Bentley/Lamborghini's in the list.

Those people who are paying for their own cars (as opposed to the company supplied ones) probably spent more on their boat than they do on their car.

It always costs a fortune to to run a new expensive car but if you want to walk into your garage and drive an interesting reliable car that is a bit different you just work harder.