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Why the USA got lameness...

Started by 1980sdga, 17 October 2011, 06:42 PM


That article seems to be complete rubbish to me.
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I agree.

The reason the USA market cars were robbed of power was simply because of stricter emissions standards and because they required them to run on unleaded with cat's much earlier than much of the rest of the world. Technology at the time was crap compared to what it is today so the difference between USA market cars and euro was huge in terms of performance. Now i think EURO market cars have higher emissions standards than the USA anyway, but im more than willing to stand corrected as i cbf doing the research ;)


I really think its hard to ignore the US domestic atoumobile industry lobby, who realised that European cars were more reliable, more economical, more stylish and more desirable than the standard Detroit offering at that time.  They lobbied Carter and Reagan, and stymied the Euro cars with extra emissions nonsense and crazy bumper legislation, not to mention higher import taxes.  It was simple protectionism.