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who recognizes this radiator star?


For all you guys with too much time on your hands: what vehicle did this star once belong to? I don't think I ever seen them raised this high. If it wasn't for the bottom and it's hole there, I'd think it was a trophy or a paperweight, but that clearly is not the case.
Come on, Aaron. You must know this one? ;)

Gosh....I have no idea.  The 1920's-1940's Mercedes had the star as part of the radiator cap, but there would have been a rosette on the bottom of the star, and threads underneath to screw on to the radiator.  I see no threads or sealing material (asbestos or brass) either.  The shaft and base look home made to me, but I'm often wrong, so your guess is as good as mine. 

Isnt that just a 12 point internal socket bolt in the bottom.  What is left if you unscrew it?

I wanted to say pre-war SSK, but it's just a so-so match. Seems more like a modern star mounted on some chromed contraption.


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