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Who owns a W123?

Started by Nutz, 20 March 2007, 05:04 PM


I have a '79 280 CE. 202,000 km, auto, air, cruise, etc.



Quote from: Nutz on 20 March 2007, 06:17 PM

ROFL  ;D Take 2 spark plug wires off of your 230 and then take it for a spin for a good simulation.

Wow! Is it really that good?

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Amen!


My dad has a '79 300D, not turbo, but it has 115 hp.
Manual tr., so I hope i find the pic that my cousin took when dad revved it flat and pulled of in 2nd so the front wheels came of the ground (about 15cm/6inches) and the trailer hook hit the ground. :o


I have an '84 280E with rare 4 speed manual. I will post pictures later. Here are some pictures of my '85 200 I sold last year, also with 4 speed manual.

I have a soft spot for 123s too.


a 200!
that must have been a stressful car to drive



Try a 240D automatic with the air con on!!! ;D ;D


Quote from: gregdeklerk on 21 March 2007, 04:46 AM
Try a 240D automatic with the air con on!!! ;D ;D

A 200 is a diesel though correct?

did they come with auto? air con?


Quote from: Des on 21 March 2007, 04:52 AM

A 200 is a diesel though correct?

Both diesel and gasser have that badge


A list of all the W123 gassers plus their engines and total production number



2/1976 - 8/1980 W123.020
Engine: M115.538
Total: 158,772


8/1980 - 11/1985 W123.220
Engine: M102.920
Total: 217,315


11/1980 - 1/1986 W123.280
Engine: M102.920
Total: 18,860


2/1976 - 9/1981 W123.023
Engine: M115.954
Total: 196,185


7/1980 - 11/1985 W123.223
Engine: M102.980
Total: 245,882


5/1978 - 4/1980 W123.083
Engine: M115.954
Total: 6,884


4/1979 - 1/1986 W123.283
Engine: M102.980
Total: 42,284


6/1977 - 6/1980 W123.043
Engine: M115.954
Total: 18,675


4/1980 - 8/1985 W123.243
Engine: M102.980
Total: 29,858


4/1976 - 9/1979 W123.026
Engine: M123.920 4/1976 - 9/1979
--------: M123.921 9/1979 - 12/1985
Total: 122,864


5/1978 - 8/1982 W123.086
Engine: M123.920 5/1978 - 9/1979
--------: M123.921 9/1979 - 8/1982
Total: 7,705

250 Long

5/1978 - 12/1985 W123.028
Engine: M123.920 5/1978 - 9/1979
--------: M123.921 9/1979 - 8/1982
Total: ?


12/1975 - 7/1981 W123.030
Engine: M110.923
Total: 33,206


12/1975 - 12/1985 W123.033
Engine: M110.984 12/1975 - 3/1978
--------: M110.988 3/1978 - 12/1985
Total: 126,375


5/1978 - 1/1986 W123.093
Engine: M110.988
Total: 19,789


4/1977 - 3/1980 W123.050
Engine: M110.923
Total: 3,704


4/1977 - 8/1985 W123.053
Engine: M110.984 4/1977 - 3/1978
--------: M110.988 3/1978 - 8/1985
Total: 32,138

In all,there were 1,280,496 Gas W123's produced.


Des, my 200 was a petrol. Here are the promised pictures of my 280E.

Also a pic of my 230CE, sold last year.


I wonder if Greg likes and prefers white cars  ;D


Everybody teases me about that!! No prizes for guessing the colour of my wife's 190E. From a keeping clean and painting point of view, white is the way to go, but it is quite boring really.


Greg that 200 looks very clean, paint looks very nice

I don't mind white cars, probably not my colour of choice when buying new though


I have 2 123 wagons, a 280TE and a 300TD.

i find the 123 is a fantastic car for reliability and handling. i reckon theyre the best car benz ever made. they handle much better than a 116 and are more nimble and more fun to chuck around.

the 300 diesels have a reputation for being slow but theyre not that bad. my 300TD wont spin its tyres off the mark in a straight line in the dry, but neither will my 450SEL. they both do it in the wet though.

i got the 300TD because i wanted a cheap rough wagon as a workhorse. never really been into diesels before, but im well converted now. i swear by it. ive done almost 30,000km in the past year and a half and its been the best car ive ever owned. it lives happily off an oil and filter change every 5000km and thats it. it lives on the street and only visits the mechanic no more than once a year to get wear and tear jobs done in keeping with its 338k km mileage. the rear struts are getting re-done this year before i drive it to tasmania for my holiday.

one day i will get the aircon going again though!
Brisbane, Australia.

72 300SEL 3.5
84 280CE
86 560SEL
86 230TE


I agree with you on the contents of your second paragraph, but I don't think we should say it too loud given the forum we are on!!