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Wheels - How wide can you go before its a problem?

Started by MB_Mike, 26 January 2011, 02:19 PM


Considering there are so many 6.9 owners here, I thought this would be an appropriate place to ask this question.

I want to put 16x8 Et11 on the front and 16x9 Et10 on the rear of a 126 with hydro suspension. My concern is causing undue stress and premature wear to the suspension components.

Is that a reasonable width? Would it have the negative impact that I think?
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My blue 6.9 is currently wearing 8x16et11 on the front and 10x16et0 on the rear.  I would say this must be about as wide as one could go.  The et11 on the front is not exactly ideal (but necessary for clearance reasons), and results in some tram-lining. 

The previous owner of the wheels had them fitted on an SLS-rear end W126 500SE, and he didn't mention anything about clearance problems, though admittedly I didin't specifically ask. 

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