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What's in your boot (trunk)?

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Hi all,

I was just wondering what everyone keeps in their boot all year round? Apart from the spare wheel and tool kit, I also have some of my car cleaning stuff, a car cover and a sun shelter for when we stop for a picnic. I also have a bottle of distilled water. What do you keep in your boot?

Also, what does everyone recommend keeping in their boot for longer trips? Any special tools, belts etc?



--- Quote from: "styria" ---Hi Michael,I always make sure that for both long trips and on a permanent basis, my boot is completely full before I even pack for the trip including a kitchen sink! :lol:
--- End quote ---

That is quite a list of things you are carting around. How do you fit any luggage? It also sounds like it could be reducing your fuel economy by half  :lol:

Seriously, it is probably a good thing I wouldn't even attempt fixing anything so have no real need to take many tools. I have top level cover with the local motorists association and trust that they will help me out if needed. I also don't mind for the adventure of the unknown should a breakdown occur. They will even cover accommodation if they can't fix my car and need to tow it :)

I copied Bentley and added two genuine ($40 each from MB) Umbrellas mounted one above the other on the back of the back seat. How do you affix them? Easy, Costs $1.  Black velcro sticks to the carpet on the seat back! Umbrellas are in Black with logos showing outward. Very smic!

That is a very nice idea, Chris. I may just need to give that a try :)

Here is where I got the idea - latest model Bentley.  $567,000 worth! yikes![/img]


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