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Weekend Wrenching

Started by alabbasi, 29 June 2008, 11:01 PM


This weekend was pretty interesting. Friday started with the lady who is managing the estate of a deceased SLC 5.0 enthusiast calling me up. I bought three cars from her in the past. A 450SLC 5.0, 500SLC and a 450SLC parts car.

She had sold the house where one of the other cars was stored, it was a partially disassembled 500SLC which was lightly hit in the front when the owner accidentally smashed it into the garage.

She needed to get it out of the house on Friday so she made me an offer that I couldn't refuse so I bought it.

Now I'm up to 15 and i have to aggressively sell some cars including the 76 6.9, silver blue 500SLC, the 59 Ford F100 and the Triumph GT6.

The 500SLC that's going up for sale is now being stored at a friends shop because I can't keep it and the inca red car in the same place.

The Inca red car while disassembled, is in pretty good shape. The paint is fantastic and all the rubber and glass looks new. It will take some serious effort to put it back together so I need to decide what to do here.

On Saturday, I worked on the 6.3. The fuel pump seemed to be out and the car had not been run for some time so I took the tank off and drained it. The gas that came out looked like red varnish and was obviously bad.

We washed the tank out with acid and removed the strainer that needs to be replaced. The next step is to clean the injection pump and replace as much of the fuel lines as possible.

Sunday was spent working the MG with a friend. I had the engine and the carbs rebuilt but the car does not seem to run right. Jimmy who rebuilt the engine and carbs put that right. But it still has a fuel delivery problem. I suspect that it's got to do with the aftermarket fuel pump. I seems to be pushing out too much fuel. Today I placed a fuel pressure regulator on the fuel line but it seems now run lean at times. I'm not sure what the deal is yet but I think I may go back to the original SU fuel pump and see what happens.

The rest of the day was spent working around the house, washing the 6.9 and listing some W108 and R107 parts on Ebay. If anyone is interested, this is what I have for sale.
With best regards

Dallas, TX USA.