Website with photos of just about every obscure car you could ever want to see

Started by s class, 17 October 2007, 04:23 PM

s class

Great site : it is American biased, but it has pics of just about everything.  And mostly the pics are of a good quality too.

Mercedes coverage is a bit patchy - no 6.9.....

[color=blue]'76 6.9 Euro[/color], [color=red]'78 6.9 AMG[/color], '80 280SE, [color=brown]'74 350SE[/color], [color=black]'82 500SEL euro full hydro, '83 500SEL euro full hydro [/color], '81 500SL

Brian Crump

Thanks for that - I've always liked that site.
May I have the Bristol Fighter T please? Maybe SELfor50 could get some spare horsies from one?  ;D ;D ;D