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W126 deliberations

Started by adamb, 01 March 2020, 03:40 PM


Bring a trailer has definitely skewed values causing would be deserving owners to not have a chance at getting any nice example for a fair price.  These asinine prices we see on BAT are the beginning of the W126 cars pricing themselves out of existence.  I hate seeing this happen. 
1966 250se coupe`,black/dark green leather
1970 600 midnight blue/parchment leather
1971 300sel 6.3,papyrus white/dark red leather
1975 450se, pine green metallic/green leather
1973 300sel 4.5,silver blue metallic/blue leather
1979 450sel 516 red/bamboo


I've owned several 6.9's and several W126 models. Either 560SEL's or 560SEC's. They're really nice cars that are built from very fine materials. A US 380 won't get out of its way but a Euro spec 380 would be a fine car. I knew a body shop owner in London that had one when i was a kid and it had very good power that would push you back into the seat. 

If you like it , go for it. But if you find a late mode 560SEL, you won't be disappointed either. From a fuel mileage perspective, I don't think that you'd see much difference around London.
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Dallas, TX USA.