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Do you any info on adjusting Camber on a W108 250S?
Is it even possible?

I'm assuming you're asking about the camber on the front axle?  If so, then yes, it's very possible.  The pictures below show the procedure, specifications, and a picture of where the adjustment is to be done. 

If it's the rear axle in questions then yes, it's also possible.  You have to play around with the rubber pads atop the rear springs, and if the hydraulic compensator is bad that'll cause camber issues, as well.  Often times people will install a regular spring in place of the hydraulic compensator, but this requires the rear spring pads and bottom plates be adjusted to correct the height in the rear.  Most people don't know that and never make the corrections, so the car ends up sitting higher or lower in the rear affecting camber. 

Thanks for your help!

I have a good alignment guy, but of course his MB knowledge is non existent.   I will show him this and get it all squared away.

Be sure to inform your alignment guy of the eccentricities of the Caster adjustment.  If you're not aware either then here's the beef on that:

The metal stiffening plate that the transmission mount sits on must be loosened (not removed) from the chassis, and the slip joint on the driveshaft must also be loosened.  The reason for this is that when you turn the eccentrics for the Caster adjustment the WHOLE subframe and engine will move.  If the rear mount plate and driveshaft slip joint aren't loose when it's moved it'll put the exhaust, engine mounts, sub frame mounts, flex disc, and driveshaft center support bushing in a bind causing premature failure of these components along with a weird vibration you'll never be able to get rid of. 

Double checking my notes, it is the Caster that needs adjustment.  I found the appropriate instruction on my old CD. IT wont autoplay anymore but all the pdf's are there.

Thanks for the info provided.


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