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Sultan of Brunei's Massive Car Collection

Started by Nutz, 14 December 2006, 04:26 PM


Is it wrong to be happy with just my single W116? :D
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That's just plain silly. Not you mforcer - the collection.  ;) 

How can one individual get enjoyment from that.  He's got more w140 600sel's than cars I have driven. And not one 6.9.  Now what sort of collection is that?  Bad Sultan, bad!
:-[ Do you think he'll read that?
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Quote from: oscar on 14 December 2006, 07:23 PM
  Bad Sultan, bad!
:-[ Do you think he'll read that?

Henchmen are on their way as we speak  ;D


You would think they would just sit around and collect dust.

If I was filthy rich I would like to own a few cars,

Maybach 62, with a Mercedes Bonnet star fitted, all black, black leather, bulletproof, run flat tyres etc..

Mercedes 600 presidential landaulet, thats the one with the big folding half section of the rear roof.

If I was that rich I would also probably own my own private race track and would be night to have something like a Porsche GT4, or the Austin Martin DB9 race version, then could invite the other members from here around for some track fun.

What would everyone else's choices be?


Quote from: Des on 15 December 2006, 03:09 PM
What would everyone else's choices be?

Ferrari's  :D
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'81 512 BBi
'84 288 GTO
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Well,I could go on and on  ;)



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Ferrari Daytona
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and, well,
a Bugatti Veyron....!

sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!

s class

I've shown the list to several car-mad colleagues and the general consensus is that given his budget, the choices are not the obvious collectable cars.  But I assume this means that he is more interested in buying what interests him, not what the market or cognoscenti might dictate as the 'right' choices.  Got to respect that. 


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He had at one time in the seventies the largest collection of Rolls Royce cars in the world it was said that if you parked them end to end they would stretch from London to Zurich some conga line.As to his bodyguards I know he has them but he also has a full Gurkha brigade at his disposal.I recall that on his birthday in 1990something he bought 50 w140 600sels for gifts for friends and family members, now if only my mum and dad would have told me I had been adopted and my real dad was the Sultan.LOOK DAD YOUR LONG LOST SON IS HERE SHOWER HIM WITH GIFTS WHY DON'T YOU.