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Sometimes you just have to make an exception!

Started by michaeld, 27 April 2006, 08:35 PM


I know, I know; this is a 116 site.  I have no business filling your head with anything other than w116-stuff.

But I just happened to stumble across this 600 ($36,000 w/ over 2 days to go) and HAD to let y'all oggle it as well.  WHAT A RIDE!!!

Here's my deal: If anyone will send me the money for this baby, I will put YOUR name on the personalized license plate!   Seriously, there are not many times when I hate the fact that I am not rich - sadly, this is one of them. :'(


Michael, IMHO there was the grosser Mercedes of the thirties, culminating in the 770K, the 600 SW an LW, and the Maybach 57s. These were the big ones,the cost no object ones.

Despite the questionable politics of 770K owners, these were incredible cars, the 600 is still, IMHO, the only real ambassador/UN/royalty car in the world, and the Maybach 57, a big fancy corporate marketing mistake.

The long wheelbase 600 is not quite a car, it is more like a small living room  ;D. I had the honour of being driven in one and it is quite memorable. It is also not a DIY car. I know this from 6.3 experience (the 600 uses the same engine, air suspension).

I can you make you feel better by saying that an air suspension overhaul will buy you a decent 450SEL.

But still...


Paris, France


Dare I infer that you are implying that if one were to see a MBz 600 driving by and conclude, "Why, that's hardly a practical car!" that they would be correct on more than one level?

A car like that OUGHT to be incredibly impractical and incredibly expensive to maintain!  That HAS to be part of that car's character; it wouldn't be right any other way.

But isn't she beautiful?  If I owned that car, I would sleep in my garage so she would be the last thing I looked at before bedtime and the first thing I saw in the morning. 

I'll have to look for more info on the 57 and the 770K, as I know nothing about them.  But I can say that one of the things I really like about that 600 is that it is a (relatively) short-wheelbased 4 door that nevertheless radiates luxury limosine.  It's like a limo that the rich guy can drive himself around in!

That interior, that woodwork, that luxurious divider, really have me drooling.  But you are right, Denis - as always - that car is out of my league (and on a number of levels, too!).  If I were to own that car, it would probably stop running as though to say, "You are most certainly not worthy to drive ME!"  I can still dream, though!


Gonna try to make this Pullman getting timed video work  ;D If it does,enjoy the sweet music,crank it up! 8)Click on the 600


Thanks Nutz. The M100 engine is certainly remarkable.

When I had my 6.3, I never ceased to be amazed at the low, vibrationless idle of the beast - must have been that 900 kg crankshaft ;D - just kidding.

But (another warning to Michaeld), the Bosch mechanical fuel injection call be a real issue. You adjust the mixture by putting your hand behind the engine and reaching far into the V of the engine to twist a little knob...with a hot running engine - ouch !

You're right - the "mechanic person" does this, you just sit in the car and enjoy the bar !

Paul Bracq who designed the car said that this was the idea he then had of what a big Mercedes-Benz was supposed to be - the front had to show an immense radiator like a monument, the rest of the car followed in what looks like an architectural style to me. he still thinks it looks right !

Mr. Bracq has not yet accepted the idea that Daimler-Benz has become Daimler-Chrysler. I dint think he will EVER accept that, it's like a champagne that would be called Dom Perignon-Cola  ::)


Paris, France


I think Mr. Bracq would have liked to overhear me describing what I like most about Mercedes-Benz styling, as I rather think the same way.

On the other hand, it sounds very much like he would NOT want to overhear my language if I were working on this 600 beast.  When I'm working on a car, I switch between: a) getting angry at the car for resisting my efforts to fix it; b) getting angry at God for making me so stupid; c) wondering why everything I endeavor to do mechanically has to be so dang hard.

It sure is a gorgeous specimen of an automobile, though.  If memory serves, it went for $37,400 US.  I actually copied all of the pics from the ebay bid on this car to my hard drive - just so I can come back and look at it over and over again (sigh).