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Some pics of your garage?

Started by carl888, 16 January 2011, 06:40 AM


I am inspired by pics of Koans new shelves to start a garage thread.  I thought some of you may be amused to see what you can fit into a small inner city garage.  I live in a two bedroom flat in Melbourne, and amazingly, my place came with a garage that I can just fit two cars, sort of!

This is the garage after I took possession in 2008.  The place had been rented, and the garage door left open for 4 years.  My mum was appreciative of the 3 inches of compost that I scraped off the floor, her garden did well!   This was after two days of cleaning:

After stuff going in, it became tight very quickly. 

I can fit a big car, and a small car, but I can't fit two big cars! 

I don't work on the cars at home,  I rent the back of friends workshop nearby which gives me an additional three parking spaces and a hoist.




Looks a great set up you have there Carl and that red car you have there is one of my all time favorite cars. ;D
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Yes, I am lucky Foss, scoring the garage at home and particularly the workshop, it's reasonable to rent, secure and I have a hoist, which is great.  308's are wonderful, if you can maintain it yourself, they are sooooooooooooo cheap to run.  30 mpg on a trip, insanely cheap insurance and surprisingly parts are cheap too with the engines and transmissions being bombproof.  (It's all the trim and ancillaries that fall off!!)


Quote from: Carl Jones on 16 January 2011, 06:40 AM
I can fit a big car, and a small car,

For the small car I was expecting a Laser or Mondeo  :D Kidding.

The following pics may disturb some viewers........
Time to fess up I suppose and show the sorry state of affairs at my joint.  Showing them in public might give me the kick in the pants to start tackling projects again starting with finishing the big clearout I've been avoiding.   Perhaps a good warning too for those tempted to hoard.   :o

Since buying a motorbike and choosing to drive around in an old Landcruiser rather than the 350, progress on anything merc related has dropped to nothing.  Still been occupied with yardwork and house stuff too so anything loose or in the way has just been hurled through an open door to the shed and then the door closed swiftly before anything falls out. ::)

Anyway, this is the worst the shed got to mid last year. Two cars in (Red and Turd), two cars out (350 and Povo) and a myriad of boxed and unboxed crud to be sorted.

Around the same time, Povo became useful as a tractor to pull down a willow tree.  Got bogged too, plus broke something in the diff, but do have a locked diff as a replacement.

Work started on the shed with Povo's last useful duty pulling out it's successor, Red. Plus red gets a well deserved wash. 

Where I'm up to at the mo.  Turd will be cut up, then Povo and Red is to be the track car.  I got an oxyacet setup in Sept last year to assist this time round rather than using a grinder, but I just haven't had the time, or inclination, to get stuck into it again. 

The plan is to clearout the shed completely, put a pit in maybe, rewire, line the shed, get some proper shelving, sort parts and tools out then grab a beer and sit back and admire for hours on end. 
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That is my dream to have a shed like that at home...... Wonderful Oscar! 


Makes me think of "Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson"

Are there any songs about sheds?

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Nice one Oscar, I'm sure that if I had such a shed, it would probably be even messier than yours! 8)

Re; The tree, that looks a bit heavy duty to uproot with the 116. I have pulled over old PMG/Telecom poles with the 6.9, but they either snap off at the base or explode into a thousand splinters... I would've used the 'Cruiser, if you still have it. 8)

Carl, yours is very neat and well organised indeed.

My "garage" is the infamous carport... it is however sheltered by the house on one end, so the horizontal salty rain we get here doesn't hit the 6.9. The car hasn't deteriorated at all, so I'm doing something right. I then have the sewage flooded ex-laundry/dunny under the house as a workshop/storage area. I'll see if I can get a photo. ;)

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I don't have a garage, unfortunately.

If I did, it would probably be stacked floor to ceiling. I am very meticulous about sorting and organizing at school and work, but when it comes to my own things... well let's just say sometimes the shit hits the fan and I forget about it.

I park my car in the neighbors lot when I can as it is in foreclosure and my driveway has a large oak tree over it. I try to make it look like someone lives in that house so we don't get squatters in there.

This year was a mast season for the Oaks around here, and I swear I must have around 170 pounds of acorns in the yard! Getting acorn tannin off car paint is very annoying and the trees are protected (and pretty) so I can't cut them.

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You guys are lucky. Right now I have my 200D backed up into my porch so I can do bodywork on the taillight area. The wind still blows the rain in sometimes. I hope it's not windy tomorrow so I can smear on the skim coat of filler. I was wanting to do this today but too much rain...
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Ah, the rain. The worst enemy of car work besides maybe smothering heat and humidity.

I don't think we get as many rainy days as you in overcast capital, USA (WA), but when it does come down...

I'd be happy even with just a cover or steel enclosure.

I was actually looking at a shipping container recently as they can be had very cheap here ( starting $1200 for a 40 ft).


I just dream of having a clean organised workshop/shed.  Everything stored and organized properly, spotless floor and pest free. The main reason we bought this place 10yrs ago was because of the shed.  The house was crap and bulldozed three years ago.  Just the shed to fix up now.   

Quote from: koan on 16 January 2011, 09:50 AM
Makes me think of "Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson"

Are there any songs about sheds?


:D Just watched that, hadn't seen it before.
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Gee Oscar, that shed looks like it would take 6 cars if it was cleaned up a bit. 

Note, I'm not showing my workspace just yet - too embarrasing. 

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It would do 4 but little room to throw tools around in anger then. :D 12metres x 6, but it's set longways on the block and the house forms an "L" shape around it otherwise it would be great to align say two cars in two bays across wise with plenty of room to work around.  Anyway, I'm sure your workspace is no worse then mine.  I was assuming mine would be the worst so the thread could pick up again. 8)
1973 350SE, my first & fave

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I have two garages.  One is 45sqm, consisting of a 6x6 area accomodating 2 cars, with a 3x3 area behind, to the one side as a workshop.  The other garage is 55sqm, consisting of 5.8x8.5m accomodating 3 cars, and an approx 3x1.6 storage area off to the side.  I built the larger 55sqm area, and the only real mistake I made was not making it bigger... I could have stretched the main eara to about 6.5x10m and still been within council regulations.  Why oh why didn't I go for maximum...

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You guys with your sheds and garages  >:( - I'm only a bit envious, honestly  ;)

I live on a street near the city centre in a 100 year-old terraced house - doorstep on footpath/sidewalk, residents parking permit required, taxi doors sometimes open too quickly at night (drunk people) denting the panels of residents' cars  :o

Unsurprisingly, my Merc does not live outside my house - through a friend, I am able to park it in the underground car park of a large office building about 1km from home. While I'm not able to work on it there, it is secure and out of the rain and sun, and the lower level of the car park is completely unused at present, due to most of the building being vacant.

My wife agrees that our next house will have a shed/garage that will fit a large collection of cars (she's a keeper, my wife  8) )
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