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Some pics of your garage?

Started by carl888, 16 January 2011, 06:40 AM


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116   1979 450SEL  6.9 # 5884  SOLD
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I have 2 sheds and a 3 car garage but as my place is a Farm the big shed gets reassigned from time to time although this year I am reorgynising the big shed so I get 3 workshop bays, bench space and a separate engine/welding room with the only drawback being that the floor is dirt (For now)

The Garage currently holds my 230TE, feed grain and half of my old workshop tools and I will post some more pics later as I take them.


Note my small shed in the background


The big shed in the background


The Garage from the inside (Pardon the W124)


And one from the outside....

My Garage is filthy because it is in constant use initially because my W124 had been neglected and abused (SLS, Flex disks, Exhaust, Bodge work to undo, No working windows, Incorrect trans fluid and all the original ignition components bar plugs) but it is also used to store and mix feed grain, milk powders and any welding or engineering work that needs doing although I am currently in the process of segregating and banishing Non car works to a section of the BIG shed.


TJ 450

That's a nice pair of cars Tony66_au,

It also looks as if your located on an ideal property for working on benzes. 8)

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Ta Tim,

My wife told me that its not a collection of Benz's until I have 4, So I promised her id find a 450SEL 6.9 and a W107 to round off the numbers a bit.

As for the Barn, well its a decent size and the animals really don't need it since I built the enclosed paddock out the side of the house so im starting on that slowly with a decent all weather gravel track being the first job done, next job is to move my Valiants out so I can muck out and pull down the remaining Sheep pens which gives me a 15 m x 20 m area to play with and an 8 meter overhead.

Im not concreting the whole lot at once but will do an area so I can build one bay with a hoist because im getting too fat n old to be working on a creeper and this all has to be done in Victorian weather so it will be hit and miss.

Now I juuuust need the money!



I guess its my turn to spill the beans on how I house all my car and bike stuff... here is a pictorial tour of my garage, sheds and work areas:

Naturally I have a triple garage:

This is the "bike bit", you can see MB badges on a cupboard door, a fridge full of photographic film, and the back wall shelving holds about 1/2 of my TRS-80 computer collection:

This is my workbench, its a mess most of the time, I clean it up before doing work then leave it a mess when I've finished:

This is where my 6.9 lives:

Rear pergola affair which can hold 6 small or 4 large cars:

Garden shdes mainly full of spare MB parts, racing wheels and tyres:

So much so that they don't all fit in the sheds:

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s class

Nice and neat Ian.  One can never have too much garage space. 

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TJ 450

I decided to throw in some pics. This doesn't include the engine in the rear lounge area though. ;)

These are resized;

The carport area, fits the 190 between the pillars perfectly;

Outside area with appropriate lighting for 24x7 work. The 1500w halogen unit belongs to MT. 8)

The work\storage area;

Random junk;

MB parts on the floor;

1976 450SEL 6.9 1432
1969 300SEL 6.3 1394
2003 ML500


Just seen this thread, you blokes with your garages!
Oscar mate, take a bow, that's an awesome effort there, could be anything living in that garage.
Having suffered yet another blond moment I seem to have forgotten how to post a pic to this forum, even though I have done it before so I have decided to take Koan's advice and created an album in the gallery called Ken's pics, wherein you can all see the woeful state of my car storage affairs. Hopefully this will get sorted soonish.



Nice to see a few more "Sheds"!

Although im glad I moved from suburbia because I no longer get in the poo with my neighbours for making a racket at night and cheerfully run my compressor, grinder and air tools to the wee small hours if I so choose AND I can play some tunes or run in a cam.

The only downside is that Ive had to share floor space with unexpected guests from time to time including a visit one afternoon from a Copper head looking for a drink while I was lying on my back under a car and this little fellow who came visiting while I was working on my CT125 on the front veranda.

Pic to be inserted when I find it

Oh and not to forget the phantom paint stripper who took up residence in the barn for a bit, Pee'd on the roof of my Mini project a few times which stripped the paint and neutralised the rust.

s class

THe yellow building with widely spaced doors is the larger workshop, taking 3 cars.

What happens in the bigger workshop :

Some inside shots of the smaller workshop, which takes 2 cars plus workbench space :

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calvin streeting

This is realy intresting to see these.. and makes me jelous.. as I have no garage or shed not even a drive.. :( ..
and its sunny, where as here dark and rain..