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Share your Mercedes bibliography

Started by michaeld, 16 March 2006, 08:14 PM


I came across what I thought was a pretty good post on another forum, and thought I would provide the link for your clicking satisfaction:
Ozbenzhead kind of started this whole idea, though, by privately sharing his extensive collection a week or so ago.  Obviously, I would let him share as he wishes.  John Hubertz started an earlier post about Mercedes memorabilia.

It occurred to me that it would be nice to have a bibliography (author title publisher year) followed by a short summary describing the "gist" of the book, article, or advertisement.  That way, it would be easier for others to decide if they wanted to pursue getting it for themselves.

So, if you want to learn more about w116 cars, you should read...


All the magazine articles I have are found in the Library of this site. I think they are all worth a read :)
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Right you are; I have been quoting several of them in my "eloquent waxings." 
One thing that I have found quite interesting (and frustrating  ???) is how difficult it has been to find good information on the w116s in relationship to many other cars.  For example, type "GTO Judge" in google and stand back for a boatload of hits. 

I am interested in the history of the w116 (particularly the 450s).  I'm not merely fascinated with the technical aspects of these cars, but the philosophy and mindset that led to their development.  How did we get from the 108/109s to the 116s? (Or does the geneology trace to the 114/115s?  I don't actually know, though I suspects it's the 108/109s).  Why were these cars built the way they were, rather than differently?

More Benz lore, I say!


I've been waiting for a few more replies to this one Michael.  I've collected a couple of sales brochures and owners manuals.  My fav is a 30+ page A4 sized brochure all 116. I'd refer to it here if I could find it. :-[ 

But what I'd really like is a definitive book that is the story of MB, from the first model till at least the late eighties.  Something that chronicles each model to a decent degree over a few pages each.  Of course there's a heap of info on the net but it's just not the same as thumbing through illustrated pages of a book.  It'd be great too if this book came with a ready reckoner poster with silouhetted shapes of mercs and a Wxxx next to each pic to help identify.  Great resource for a merc spotter. 8)

Anyone know of an all in one reference/history book? If there isn't one, any publisher's in the house?  There's your next best seller. ;)
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Quote from: mb350 on 23 March 2006, 09:49 AM...
Anyone know of an all in one reference/history book? If there isn't one, any publisher's in the house?  There's your next best seller. ;)

Okay - I'll start taking your orders now.   ;)

Seriously, though, such a tome would have to be of a size that few people could afford (or lift!).

I have been brewing the idea of a series-by-series set, starting with the 116: the "complete" story from concept, through planning, to release - and perhaps after, to include stories such as I find amongst owners like those on this forum.

When I travel later this year (well, that's the plan), I hope to access The Archives (yes, those archives at DC) for research purposes (on another project); whilst there I hope also to gather information for this project.

Although I have a reasonable Benz library, there certainly is no such book on its shelves. There are quite a few "complete story" (not!) books - either of M-B as a whole, or of particular series - but they are anything but complete.

I'd love to remedy that situation. Being, as I am a publisher (a small one with an obsession on thoroughness and quality), I am in a position to fulfill my own - and perhaps your - desire in this matter.

I've already commenced by listing the details given in my collection's books and also listing what I think is missing.

If there are any forum denizens out there who would like to add to the "what's missing" list - or who'd like to post me their wish lists for inclusion - here I am. PMs or e-mail might be more appropriate than public postings, but I leave that to you.

The door is open, folks! My mailbox awaits your message(s)!

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