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See your car on Google Earth?

Started by adamb, 08 September 2006, 08:15 AM


Well, I can see mine  :) It's right next to where I live. There's no mistaking given its size and colour.

Don't know what the hell I am talking about? Here's a link to it: Want to know where Buckingham Palace is in London? Well, search for "Buckingham Palace" and it will take you right there. You can zoom in and click on Satellite in the top-right corner to see a very high resolution photo.


s class

Well I can see my house (even here in South Africa!), and i can see that the photo was taken before I built my new HUGE garage for my Benzes.

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Well my mb is not in the pic, but I live in the middle of this google earth pic


Well no one was at home when googlesat1 passed over Griffith.  :-\  You're right about the age of the pics.  Earlier this year Griffith was blurry but now it's been scanned at a higher res but there's two currajong trees in our yard visible which were removed over 2 years ago.

Great little program though.  Of all the places to look at, when I first downloaded it I remember seeking out the aeroplane graveyard in Tuscon Arizona. Amazing!! Check it out.
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