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Roo bars?

Started by 1980sdga, 03 April 2012, 01:21 PM


I get the concept but WTF are the big vertical "antennas" for?  I'm guessing they keep the roos from crashing through the windscreen?  But how?






LOL Jon the verticals are for maiming pedestrians mate!

Its a Feral ute thing as far as im aware, makes no sense really.

TJ 450

Yes, they do sometimes crash through the windscreen... not good.

I've thought about getting a large 3G antenna for my 280S, and driving lights, but I don't like the look.

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Roo's are a pain in the bum, A dead roo thru the front window isnt too bad........

Its when they are still alive and kicking that it gets nasty especially the big Red Bucks which stand around 7 feet tall.


I went by a truck heading South out of Alice Springs while driving to Melbourne. He said he had clipped a roo and asked me to make sure it wasn't suffering.
& feet if it was one. The head on this thing would have been knee high. It was massive.


I drove from Melbourne to the gold coast about 10 years back and ran over the top of a dead roo, it was dark so I got out and couldn't see any damage. About 500kms later I stopped for fuel and the aboriginal fuel attendant asked what the burning smell was under my car. He then dragged out a barbecued roo that had got snagged between my exaust, I'd dragged it 500 kms.
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