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Old EPC is going away by the end of November 2018

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Just got this when loading up the good ol' Java-based EPC:

--- Quote ---Dear EPC user,

As previously communicated, the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) will be gradually replaced by the new parts information from July to November 2018 and sundowned.
Please contact your EPC contact person for the precise point in time of the sundown and information on its successor solution.
--- End quote ---

I'm really hoping that the replacement will be based on the WebParts system, and no longer requiring Java.

I have just posted a question on exactly that so it isn't just me. Yes I have always thought the current system difficult particularly launching Java and certainly there must be a better way. Lets hope they do make access easier after all we are paying for it.

This blurb is now greeting folks trying access the EPC via MB ClubLounge, and the old system is gone for good.
Can't wait for February!

Daimler AG has decided to replace the EPC with the all-new XENTRY Portal for institutional users (branches, dealers, etc.) to ensure a streamlined, up-to-date offering for various different user groups around the world as we move forward. For individuals and other users the SAI-Portal was launched, including the ISP Parts Information as all new application replacing the EPC.

Following the successful launch of the XENTRY Portal during the course of the year, technical support for the predecessor EPC system can now no longer be maintained and the Electronic Parts Catalogue will be discontinued on 14.12.2018.

The EPC will therefore no longer be accessible via our ClubLounge starting 14.12.2018.

To ensure that you can access the new SAI-Portal for individuals in future, we are maintaining close contact with the respective specialist departments. Since the new system is subject to the latest legal regulations regarding data protection and security requirements, it is not possible to use the SAI-Portal via the ClubLounge without entering personal SAI-Portal registration and user login details as for the previous EPC offering.

This is why we are working hard on implementing personalised SAI-Portal registration for club members via our ClubLounge. The goal is to go online by the end of January 2019 with a corresponding SAI-Portal registration tool in the ClubLounge. All club members looking to use the SAI-Portal in future can sign up as users via the aforementioned registration tool. Personalised SAI-Portal access will be enabled starting in early February.

The process described will ensure that all system-side requirements for the SAI-Portal are met and is currently the only way of offering the required services to club members.

As such, you will not be able to access the new SAI-Portal and the ISP Parts Information when the EPC is taken out of service until after you have successfully completed the SAI-Portal registration procedure.

Following your SAI-Portal registration, however, the ISP Parts Information will be available to you around the clock with personalised access and you can push ahead your repair and restoration works for the 2019 classic car season.

I started using the new system a few days ago. Pretty much the same thing, with just a few minor differences. 

Setting up your password required them emailing you a code.

you need to put your VIN starting with WDB.

It whines that your VIN specific data could not be found, yet it did know my engine # when I looked at engine parts???

BTW,  anyone want to split the cost and subscription with me for a year? Mine renews in a few days.

Rumb, does the new system for no club affiliated users now include WIS access too, or just EPC like before?


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