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New Website - AMG Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.8 Rote Sau

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Great work on the red pig site.......don't try to fight the car accumulation virus i've had it for 49 years (since 18) and the only way to satisfy the urge is to buy!buy!buy!
as they say......don't die wondering what if !!!!

Grant V:
Hope you chaps are all well.

I have changed the website slightly to list the project chronologically and have updated progress so far in 2020. Doesn't seem like a lot has been done, but it takes loads of time.


Impressive indeed, wow I hesitate to ask the budget for this little caper ::)

Grant V:
Morning chaps,

I've updated my website with new period pics of Spa, as well as all this years one little  column.


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