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New Website - AMG Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.8 Rote Sau

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 A masterful tribute by any measure.  Can I add a ride to my bucket list?!!!

Grant V:
Morning chaps,

It's ALIVE! I've updated my website with the work done so far this year, as well as bringing the car to life

Grant V:
Took the Rote Sau out for it's first real spin around the block:

Awesome progress!
The sound of the engine is real music to the ears.
And all that accomplished with your own hands, the merit is there. Done in your own garage and with help from friends; just outstanding!!! Well done.

I am late to the party, thinking you're just documenting rote sau historic facts.
Little did I expect you are actually BUILDING one!
Epic! What a job!
Nice to see i am not the biggest lunatic out there.. 8)


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