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National motor museum

Started by aussie 6.9, 30 October 2005, 05:19 AM

aussie 6.9

Recentely I was scanning the list of vehicles in the National motor museum in SA.There is only 1 MB product.[220 Bash car].I think this is scandalous given the contribution Benz has made to motoring history. What do you think? Regards Mark.


I would be surprised and disappointed too seeing only one MB on display although MB never has had a big volume presence in Australia.

After recently visiting the MB and Porsche museums in Stuttgart and being able to compare the two I was very surprised by the size of both. The Porsche museum was very disappointing with only about 10 cars on display and lacking in any English descriptions.

The MB museum in contrast is the biggest car museum in the world with a large multi-story building full of cars. The tour is amazing giving the history for each of the models on display. Even more impressive is that they are also moving into new and larger premises specially built for the museum. This museum is certainly worth a visit from anyone interested in cars and not just fans of the three pointed star.
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