My local MB dealer can't find my seat relay! (w202 c280)

Started by John Hubertz, 12 January 2013, 07:37 AM

John Hubertz

I've got a 1999 USA specification C280 that is an absolutely base model - no seat memory or seat heat.

My power seats are quite intermittent, although they will work for a few minutes if on startup you slooooooowly turn the key and just before all the dash lights fire off they will start working.

After driving for a block or two they quit again.

Anyway, it seemed a straightforward case of the comfort/convenience relay. I bought one from my dealer for $50 and proceeded to pull the trunk apart.

Unable to find the relay.

Took it to the dealership, and the service manager and a top technician spent 45 MINUTES searching every nook and cranny of the car.

No relay. Thank God it wasn't on the clock - they were just trying to help out. The tech inspected every electrical box and even looked under the back seat. Still no relay.

The tech suggested that despite the "book", my car might not have such a relay since it has no seat memory or seat heat. Huh? According to parts it should have the relay, and for heaven's sake I have the classic symptoms of relay failure.

Anybody have a suggestion?
John Hubertz
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Being that the post is not related to W116 and it's sort of OT, I think advising you to go to Benzworld W202 forum and ask there. Chances are you're not the first guy with the problem.
Fortunately, their W116 forum is clinically dead so we'll see you return here. ;)

Have you checked the EPC?
on exploded view, it usually pictures an approximate position
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