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My little project.

Started by Nutz, 27 March 2011, 07:06 PM




20" Zenetti and new Euro bumpers and headlights. Yeah, it's a diesel for the time being. Have an M120 powerplant on standby that was designated for my old W116.

Bodywork is  next and entertaining two tone silver and black scheme.

Squiggle Dog

The car looks great! I would keep it a diesel, though, but I'm a diesel fanatic. You can build those 617 turbo diesel engines up to about 600 horsepower, too.
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Love your work, Nutz. Can't wait to see what is next :)
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Thanks guys. Next is putting the new Bilstein HD's on all 4 corners.

TJ 450

Nice one.

The M120 will be an interesting conversion indeed!

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6 litre v12 w116?

Yeah, that would be nice ;)

does it even fit in there?


I really like this. Great work!  :)




M120 W123 service manual:

How to perform minor service,

Step 1, remove engine....



It looks like those 20 inch wheels fit with no changes to the sheet metal on the arches. Is that right?
What profile tyres are fitted? Any clearance issues?


255/35 R20 front, 285/30 R20 rear. No clearance issues, and handles like a cat on carpet. No mods to the metal.


95% sure now I'm going to widebody this W123 now, so that I can slam it. With the current wheels, it's impossible to lower, but with more fender space, it will be a thing of beauty.


Working out the shaping. Trim along side will need to be removed and may just shave the door handles.
Really rough draft, but I'll keep you up to speed on design improvements.


Front idea #1 to keep it not straying into asian import territory by keeping it like an AMG.