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My little project.

Started by Nutz, 27 March 2011, 07:06 PM


Fusion for adhesion, high temp to counter heat from headlights.

Started detailing the bay today but ran out of daylight in the middle of polishing cam cover. Teaser pic.


Still on emery rouge. Next is brown tripoli, then white rouge.


Very impressive progress. You make me want to go out and polish something ;D
1977 450SE [Brilliant Red]
2006 B200


Quote from: Nutz on 18 September 2011, 10:37 PM
Still on emery rouge. Next is brown tripoli, then white rouge.

What specific products are these and where can I buy them?


Well, more to it than just the tripoli and rouge. You'll need ;

Wet sandpaper

Buffing wheels ( a wide assortment ) Here's a good deal with rouge included.


Custom CAI and with stainless box coming soon.


Looks good, Nutz. Have you noticed any performance change?

Have you considered doing testing to find a high pressure zone to place the CAI? Hood vents?

How about moving the battery to the boot?
1977 450SE [Brilliant Red]
2006 B200


About the same performance, but the induction note is quite pleasing to the ear.

I'm relocating the washer fluid reservoir to the opposite side of the bay, and then chop out obstructions for max flow. Vents will be cut in the wheel well beside the ignition coil for maximum flow from front to rear.

The battery will be relocated to the boot to allow room for the twin-charge setup.



Hi nutz just for you  ;D
Euro 6.9 255.6hp at the wheels. Watch this space.


Thanks motec. In the end, it will be an AMG clone, appearance wise.

Rear stance with 25mm hubcentric spacers to push 'em out to the edge. They pretty much line up with the front now.
Also, antennae delete via a shave.


Bought me an Euro '81 280SL just for the proper M110 with 130,000 miles. The current US spec in my 280E with  237,000 miles just, well, if you've ever felt the difference, you'd understand. Bonus too, a 7000 rpm tachometer and 160mph speedometer is in the SL cluster. SCORE!!!! No more 85mph speedometer  and grandfather clock.

TJ 450

You really are "Nutz". ;)

Seriously though, it sounds like a great parts car.

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That salt air really rips into things doesn't it? Looks like your weather is more corrosive than ours here. I got a similar look in the engine bay of the landcruiser but only after a spin down the beach through 2

foot of seawater.


Yep, that's why I don't own a W116 any more. My 74 450SE was almost rust free until I brought it to my side of the island, windward, and beachfront.. About 1 year to give it terminal cancer.

Before. Don't mind the bumpers, I was in the middle of mounting them.



Geez Nutz, that's like the depreciation rate we got here on our superannuation at the moment, here one day, gone the next. But I can see in the second of your before pics there the beginnings of the rust in

each corner of the bonnet above the headlamps, so it didn't happen overnight. I guess once it reaches a critical mass there's no going back without major surgery, cancer is the operative term I guess.