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A much lesser known model from the famous Fracassi Trossi that was restored in all it's glory. How cool was this Trossi SSK? I have not been able to find a surviving model.

Could you just imagine motoring around the countryside in one of those? Even if the suspension was not that great it must of been magnificent. The sound of the engine!  I read that most all of the early MB road beasts were only affordable to the very rich.

I've easily spent an hour in the MB museum just admiring the red 540K cabriolet they have on display. It's gorgeous.

They're about 7 million euro, if they ever pop-up for sale. It will be the very first thing I'll buy if I get that sort of cash to spend one day :)

Early MBs were very much a high-earner, upper-class vehicle. The economics of post-WW1 and post-WW2 Germany have done away with it rapidly.

Wow! That's a beautiful car indeed!



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