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Ah the Adenauer.  The chassis that looks, smells, and feels like a million bucks.  But when you ride in one or drive one you have zero satisfaction, and you think....."this thing drives and rides worse than a Model T."'s true...they do. 

Never know! I sat in one, parked. Seat felt like a million bucks indeed, as did the interior in general
Unbelievable them ain't a presidential ride.

I don't think anyone could get more out of this car. ;D

Only the Titanic sits deeper.

A hopefully sound translation of a german saying to very low riding cars of the cheap show-off Kind.

I am from Schaffhausen / Switzerland. In spring this year on a car meeting in Zurich I met a guy with a /8 with an air suspension.
Here in Switzerland original cars in a very good and original condition get the veterans status. It doesn't save you much compared to modern cars but I guess without the vet status you would have even more problems driving them.
Driving cars in Switzerand in general is a real rip.
The /8 will probably not have gotten the vets status since the guy told me that every ca.6 years before the official technical inspection he removes the air suspension and re-installs the original.


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