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Mercedes museum Stuttgart - historical mess.

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In the past I have touched upon MB's confusing representation of their own history, even when it comes to their own logotype stories.
In the Stuttgart Museum they have reserved a long cupboard, called "cupboard of names" (Vitrine der Namen), placed in the "gallery of names", one of their museum sections. (galleries)
Not only is it such an utterly boring display, that millions of visitors have decided to not take photos of that 30 feet long show case, -and/or post them online-, but MB themselves apparently didn't give a damn. They gave the whole job to a berlin interior decorating company. They almost literally sent them a pallet of random MB-stuff with random stars of whatever origin, and asked that berlin company to historically portray the different items that Daimler AG printed their stars on over the ages. The history of their most iconic logotype.
Now, if you are hyper-motivated, you might find a single unclear pic of that showcase on the net.
As a mad collector, I am partially able to tell what's in that cabinet, even though there are but 6 pixels per item available.
The items that ARE well visible are the large emaille MB star- bullboards that were used since 1926. At least, that's what they -apparently- claim by hanging those in that cupboard.
It has frustrated me for years that -very visible- there are MB logo/stars with a laurel wraith that have sometimes 3+3 leaves, and sometimes 4+4 leaves.
The same goes for the zillion iron, emaille and plastic MB signs that are sold as "vintage MB shields' on ebay, Etsy and whatnot. often for top dollar.
Now, I have always been convinced that there never was an era where MB used a logo with only 3+3 laurels. I have been checking for years, both my own collection, as well as countless times online.
it simply never happened. those 3+3's are fake.
And to add to insult to argument, they also hung a blow-up version of a tiny needle-pin-up that MB handed out to long mile drivers. So, also not something that belongs in a historical cabinet, where you'd expect genuine vintage relics.
Today i went into one, and I have collected samples from every hood ornament that mercedes produced since 1926. And i was right. have a look yourself.
First that museum-show case

the top star is something else altogether. It has 3 compressed laurels and a branch sticking out on top and on the bottom. That was simply  not a thing.
The bottom star is an american aftermarket shield, and not a mercedes issue. One clearly sees but 3 leaves on each side

In the large photo there is another shield visible that doesn't belong. the 100.000km shield, a blowup version of a pin-up.





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