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Mercedes museum Stuttgart - historical mess.

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from 1980 onwards, everyone knows the stars in and out. Millions of cars, millions of pics, no confusion possible, all the way up to 2020

That's some seriously disappointing job that the curator has done here.
As amazing as the fact that hundreds of thousands of visitors, freaks, specialists and collectors have walked right past all of that, and nobody noticed.
Somebody should tell someone.

I was in the museum three times over the last six years, and can't recall seeing that display you speak of. Do you know which floor it's on?

No, I don't. Douglas Adams comes to mind, the location of the paperwork to object the ring road.

That's easy! Go down to the basement. Look for the old toilet (mind the leopard!). There's a locked cabinet in there. It's in the bottom drawer.

I've some pics from the museum. I'll have a look, maybe I caught it.

Stan, You are an astute scholar with these things.  I looked at my Mercedes Benz MBCA name tag and they have but 2 leaves, though it looks like they simply ran out of room on the small logo.

When you are all complete with your showcases you should publish a book or article on the entire thing.


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