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Mercedes museum Stuttgart - historical mess.

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In the meantime I wrote to the curator of the museum.. ;)

And they answered! Very friendly, explaining that the team that set up that specific exhibition team just wanted to show the "random" ways the MB star 2 was used over the ages, worldwide, and that includes items issued by dealers, traders or random third parties.
That's of course is as true as it is unacceptable, and that nice lady was acutely aware of what I was speaking of. MB, since 1926 never issued anything with anything else but the 4+4 laurels logo (even though they DO have copyrights to a whole list of variations, but strictly for safeguarding purposes)
it is also not only a historically confusing exhibition, but -apparently- also an utterly dull one.
if you consider how many thousands of visitors have filmed and photographed every item in that museum, ever corner of that museum, flying drones, etc etc. and nearly 100% of the picture-taking mob running amok on 4 floors, every minute of the week, all instinctively decided to stop taking pictures each time they walked past that 30 feet long cupboard.
Feel free to google that and find some pictures, other than the 1 pic, showing the cupboard from the left side, at a distance, the only stock picture from the MB side. I tried everything! It's like the exhibit never existed, or doesn't exist anymore. But no, it's right there. And there's fabulous items in there.
So, I am asking the museum if they are interested to let me help fix that, set up a completely new, historically correct exhibit with both our collections combined, minus the third party stuff. That would be a bucket list event!  I know it's a 6000 mile long shot, but I never say no to those long shots. It's not even about the money, but that showcase is an eye sore.

Imagine walking through the front doors of the Stuttgart museum, with all your hopes up, then finally arriving after a lifetime of waiting, your heart beating, finally stepping into the Grand Hall, and the first classic Mercedes-Benz Automobile to greet you is a 1991 Korean Chairman S-Class with an original W124 trunk star super-glued to its bonnet.
Next up, a VW beetle kit car with a W123 grille, and its license plate tastefully replaced with a a small printed American sign shouting: "Mercedes Parking ONLY!"

I really wonder why they've never fixed that exhibit. Maybe there's really nobody who has enough of a clue?


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