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Just bought a SEC

Started by 500eguy, 22 September 2007, 06:50 PM


Ok I think i need to stop this Mercedes madness! i was always saying to myself i would always buy a clean 126 SEC if it was a euro spec. I found one locally and i have to say, it has to be one of the nicest i have ever seen on the island. It has tons of power and everything works on it. Take a look at the pics:)

here is the ad for the car:


Ooh la la!   If I were the jealous type, I'd be quite green by now!


[img width=340 height=138][url=""][/url][/img]


Man, you're on fire :D   Somebody stop him.

Nice work 8)
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Hmmm my friends say i have to many cars, i say i don't have enough;) now i need a Estate! Maybe a 280te??


Quote from: 500eguy on 22 September 2007, 07:08 PM
Hmmm my friends say i have to many cars, i say i don't have enough;) now i need a Estate! Maybe a 280te??

If you're preserving old Benzes, there is no such thing as too many - until you run out of funds or storage.  Your friends are merely envious.
[img width=340 height=138][url=""][/url][/img]



If you buy enough Johnny, you'll have enough cars for every day of the week! ;)
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just buy more land! :) I look at a old benz as more than a old benz.... more like preserving a finely engineered Machine! thanks for the kind comments guys!

s class

Dude, black again! Your drive must look impressive now. 

Well done!


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One of my all time favourite cars.

I was always amazed at how a very subtle change to the profile of the bonnet changed the driver's view out of the windscreen between SEL and SEC.



The Dark Colored M-Bs tend to find me, My 500e looks out of place now! I would love to have a 280 se coupe, that is up there on my list.  The Euro 500 does go very well, i actually notice that i don't have to stomp the pedal to make it go... It just builds speed up and up until your in the illegal zone...:)


Slightly off topic, but I read today that Honolulu has the highest accident rate involving alcohol in the US - at a rate of 52% of it's fatal crashes involving alcohol. By comparison, Utah, the Mormom capital,  is 24%. Does all that sun go to your head, or is there nothing else to do except buy Mercedes and hence the drinking to sooth the nerves ?


Love the SEC, has the height adjustable headlights as well, very useful feature, I guess you don't get fog over there but I found on a previous Mercedes W123 I had, that in fog you would drop the lights right down to the road and had better view than with them up at normal height.

Colour is also a good one,
now all you need is some AMG Hammer wheels, and you will be errr Hammering!


I had no idea that it was that high, that is a very interesting fact.