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Junkyard population in Southern California - South Bay area

Started by jbrasile, 20 November 2011, 03:13 PM


Hi guys,

Finally got some time yesterday and was able to visit a couple of junkyards in the Harbor City/Long Beach area south of Los Angeles. There are 3 large yards in the region, 2 Pick-your-Parts and one Ecology Park, went to the 2 PUP and ZERO 116's!!! If you own a 126 you can probably re-manufacture a car with used parts though....tons of cars available, all years, colors and versions, interesting thing is that most of the ones I saw had less than 200k miles. Good inventory of 124's and 107 SL's are starting to show up, they used to be very rare.

Got lucky and found a 300SEL 3.5 to donate some chrome window moldings for the 6.3 we are restoring, a few 108's were also on site.

If can manage I should go to Ecology Park next week before returning to Sao Paulo, they are the largest yard of the 3 and usually have some 116's laying around.

Having visited junkyards for years it is very interesting to notice how the MB population changes, in the 90's there were tons of 114/115  and 108's, in the early 2000's you could find quite a few 116's but for the past 5-6 years 124's, 126's and 201's are just dominating the scene.


s class

Here in South Africa, I deal a lot with the biggest MB breakers.  They no longer accept 116, 123.  The yards are FULL of 202 and 124 though.  Fair number of 126, 140 and 129.  107's are scarce in the yard. 

I'm starting to see the numbers of 210's and 203's on the increase.  108, 114, 115 are unheard of anymore in the breaker's yards.

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