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Interesting racing cars

Started by Grant V, 20 December 2007, 11:52 AM

Grant V

While participating in a motor racing event in East London, I came across these interesting cars:

Chev de Ville - probably a Holden your side. On the first lap this guy held the Finny up through the twisty bits, but as soon as he got it straight, it disappeared over the horizon. Fabulous car!

A Chev Firenza CanAm with a little V8 up front. Didn't even get to see this car it was so fast...

"You've bought another bloody car?!? We should have you committed!" he shrieked, storming out of the room

Brian Crump

Yes - they were manufactured here in Australia as a Holden Statesman - a stretched version of the Holden Kingswood -and sold well to farmers and a few politicians. Most are fairly rare now as rust was an issue - or, they have ended up being modified as 'hoon' cars.
The contemporary Statesman is still maunufactured here and sold in the Middle East as a Chevrolet.