Huge 230-car barn-find collection set to be auctioned

Started by mrkozzy, 20 April 2023, 04:20 PM


a newspaper article of general interest,.

1st paragraph of the story is;
Can you ever have too many cars?
Apparently not, according to a gentleman known only as Mr Palmen, who secretly amassed a huge collection of over 230 cars and other vehicles over the past four decades. Due to his age, he is no longer able to sustain the collection, which is set to be auctioned in May.

Find the story here.


I saw this one too.  Quite the eclectic mix of cars.  I think we will see this more and more in the next few years as Boomers die off and their kids have to deal with their old cars that have been rotting away.  As we know trying to resurrect an old Benz is no mean feat, so these more "exotic" type cars, yeah, good luck with that.
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