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Handling: Would you recognise it if you found it in bed with you?

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This post is prompted by a scary experience, when I drove a friend's non-Benz car today; it was a 6-month old commode. Its owner wanted to convince me that GM had finally built a car that handled.

Evan Green, old-time Aussie competition driver and motoring writer, once wrote that the average motorist wouldn't know handling if he found it in bed with him.

How true!

In another thread, Styria wrote:

--- Quote from: styria on 10 January 2006, 12:45 AM --- Handling is subjective-if you dispose of 70km/h corners at 90 (FAIRLY comfortably), then the handling can't be all bad.
--- End quote ---

And that's being conservative. Okay - so my 280SE has plain old steel springs rather than hydropneumatics, and has a lightweight all-alloy six holding the front down, along with bottletop alloys - all undoubtedly plusses for handling - but my approach to "advisory speed signs" on bends is to consider the advised number of km to be the same number of miles, then apply the large, white, outside figures on my bisexual speedo. The W116 still corners way within well-mannered limits.

Just occasionally I get into a modern "car" (I use the term loosely!) - something like a commode or falcon - and, no matter how conservatively I drive it, I shit myself on every bend, every roundabout, when the tail decides it's a fish! When I need to stop I end up standing with two feet on the pedal, wondering when I'm going to get some reaction; when I do, it's total lock-up! Schei?emobiles!

Give me the predictability, stability, and responsiveness of (any of) my old Benz(es) any day over any modern heap of (non-Benz) camel droppings!

I love the predictable handling nature of these cars and that is the key. It always impresses me when encountering slight understeer while going through a corner can be so easily changed to slight oversteer by applying gentle press of the accelerator. The car always feels planted on the road.

Peter Anderson:

--- Quote from: OzBenzHead on 10 January 2006, 05:50 AM ---bisexual speedo.
--- End quote ---

Thank you - that made me chuckle  :D

I haven't had the chance to really drive my car yet. Just a short slow trip around the neighborhood (brakes need a lot of work). I'll be curious to see how it handles with that big old diesel under the hood.

I have owned a few American made cars that handled well, but it took a lot of modifications to get them there. In original form from the factory, they were horrible.

"Bisexual speedo"? I gotta remember that one! :D

Hey guys i know this reply is a bit late but reading about the handling of our big cars i just had to add how much i enjoy climbing a twisty mountain road and catching a little boy racer in his jap import then watching him trying to get away from the big benz taking up his rear veiw mirror and even more so when you catch a commode. ;D ;D


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