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Great cover on this months Around the Benz mag!

Started by 13B, 02 June 2011, 05:16 AM


450SEL 6.9 #5440 = V MB 690 , 450SE # 43094 = 02010 H , 190E/turbo # 31548 = AOH 68K


Nice! I wish we had the cool bumpers and headlights...


Jon, you can always convert your car..... I did my 1980 450SEL years ago.

Find a 73 450 in a junkyard with good bumpers and that's half the battle,hehehe...



TJ 450

I like the colour... I had an original Modern Motor gatefolded spread image of a 116 in the same colour (I think). I've no idea what happened to that though.

1976 450SEL 6.9 1432
1969 300SEL 6.3 1394
2003 ML500


it brings back fond memories of my '77 gold 6.9 euro.
116   1978 450SEL 6.9 #  4848
116   1979 450SEL  6.9 # 5884
116   1979 450SEL  6.9 # 6225  SOLD
116   1978 450SEL  6.9 # 5128  SOLD
116   1979 450SEL  6.9 # 5884  SOLD
116   1974 450SEL  DJet


I'm not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure its David Mueller's (committee member of MBCV) which was written off in the late 90s, and then repaired in a series of articles in ATB magazine.  One of the interesting aspects of David's car was its Australian delivery combo of gold duco with blue interior (which to my eye is an awkward combination).

If its not David's car then I don't know who's it is...

450SEL 6.9 #5440 = V MB 690 , 450SE # 43094 = 02010 H , 190E/turbo # 31548 = AOH 68K


Re the paint, I've had mixed feelings with the gold paint on mine. I thought at first "I love it!" and then "It's too pimp-esque!" If I ever change the paint it'll be Silver (like that popular Lorinser one) or high gloss Black. I have a feeling the cops will think I'm slingin' dope out of my car with the paint color.

It's quite nice to see these cars getting some attention. And I see them on TV all the time! I don't watch this show really, but it's called "American Pickers" about guys who go find junk/antiques and sell it.

On an episode where they seek out original Civil War pieces, there was one on the street parked! Maroon! Seen some on a few shows besides that, too., but I forget which and when. And plenty in the real world, too. Professor at my school's got one, Ikon Gold as well.


I love the gold, I've had to sell my Icon Gold 450, but will be keeping an eye out for a replacement, and Icon Gold is now one of my top colours.  I think it lends the car so much prescence.  I also love the restoration jbrasile did to his Icon Gold car.