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Going to Look at a 280 se

Started by 500eguy, 17 October 2007, 12:35 AM


ok, I know i should stop but this 69 280 se sedan has popped up and i am going to look at it tomorrow.

it does not run supposedly due to a dead battery and alternator. What should i look out for on this car Motor wise, body, etc etc

Martin 280s

Look out for rust, rusT, ruST, rUST, and more RUST! Some of them appear to made of tissue quality steel - steel worker strikes in Germany some time in the early 70's I believe.


uh oh: :-\ i was told it has bits of surface rust on the hood, and some of the doors. what are the trouble spots for the motors? do they tend to break chains often? this car is not running at the moment, i am going to try to hook a battery to it and see if it fires up.