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Fuel Return Line in Tank in R107


John Moore Sr:
I'm in process of reviving the 380SL from an extended sleep. I had to pull the tank to clean out some rust and Dino sludge.  The return line that winds it way to the bottom of the "swirl" chamber appears to be very restricted when compressed air is applied. I can hear a small flow of air exit the line. My questions are: does the return line have a intended restriction like a orifice or such to provide some sort of balance to the system? Should it flow freely?  Thanks in advance.  JMSr

Maybe post a pic if you can

I believe this should be free flowing. Shouldn't you be able to poke a wire in the tube to clean it?

John Moore Sr:
After some ponder and percolation, I decided to try rodding the line out. I used a speedometer cable with the end ground to a point. It made it through the 90 degree turn and stopped almost half way to the outlet.  Not where I had expected the blockage to be. No amount of twisting and pushing on cable would clear the obstruction. Behold, it seized and wouldn't come out. A great amount of reversed twisting of cable finally freed it.  I then decided to put compressed air on line again, and Presto !, I had cleared the blockage.  I then was able to get cable all the way to the junction at the Swirl bowl. I could see the cable by looking from top down through the sending unit opening.  I deem it to be a successful procedure.  We shall see.  JMSr


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