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Front brake disc's for W109

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Hi guys I'm appealing here for any possible experience.  I'm working on a w109 3.5, and the front brake rotors have reached minimum thickness.  Options are to leave it, or replace with genuine Mercedes rotors, or replace with the FEBI rotors available online.

These are the thicker vented rotors the same as the 6.3 uses, not the freely available solid ones that most 108s use.

The FEBI rotors are about a quarter of the price of the Mercedes ones which would cost a fortune here in South Africa.

Any comments/experience/advice on the FEBI VS genuine question.

Please any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ryan

Febi, at least in Europe, offer a 3 year warranty on all rotors. I doubt they'd do that if the product was junk.

The W109 3.5 never had the non vented rotors.  Also, the non vented rotors are not a W108 thing.  All W108 and non 6.3 W109 cars had solid, non vented rotors up to a certain point....something like mid to late 1969......possibly earlier. After that point, all W108 and W109 cars had vented rotors. The later models has their own VIN breaks as to when the switch happened.  However, the W109 3.5 came along after that switch had been made across the whole product line.  If the car you're working on has solid rotors, then someone in the past cheaped out and put solid rotors on. 

As far as the quality of the FEBI rotors I cannot comment on.  I've never bought aftermarket rotors.  But, as Lucas pointed out, if they're offering a 3 year warranty then I can't imagine they'd be too bad.  They may eat through pads quicker (assuming you're putting Mercedes pads on).  The future longevity of the FEBI rotors is yet to be determined, so I guess it comes down to whether or not you/the customer want genuine rotors or not.  Maybe buy the FEBI rotors to get you buy while money is being saved up for genuine rotors?  Just a thought. :) 

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THanks Aaron, and Lucas,

I probably wasnt clear  - typed the previous message from my phone.  This car does presently have the correct vented rotors. 

To give some idea of price, the genuine Mercedes rotors land here at about $500 each, whilst the Febi ones would be about $145 each after taking ino consideration shipping, taxes etc to get them from overseas.

One other issue that raises its head, is I was years ago led to believe that genuine MB rotors were heat treated, whilst aftermarket might often not be.  There is a brake specialist here that offers a heat treatment service for brake rotors - they typically serve the racing community.

What is the minimum thickness? I have a used set lying around ad would like to know if they are any good.


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