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Faszination DVDs

Started by OzBenzHead, 27 January 2006, 09:10 AM


I've just finished watching 4.5 hours of M-B video - the "Faszination" 2-DVD set from M-B Classic.

I've seen it advertised on a few Benz sites, but all that was offered was either the German-language PAL version (superior picture quality but useless if you don't know German) or the English-language NTSC version (inferior picture quality and incompatible with some DVD players in Oz).

There's some great eye candy on it; I recommend it to any Benz enthusiast - even if it is marginally propagandistic and tends to gloss over or minimise a few known negative issues of M-B history.

It covers all series from 1896 to 2004, including racing, experimental models, and the new museum.

At 29 Euros it's not bad value. Be warned, however, that if you buy it from M-B via a web site, they will slug you an EXTRA! 30 Euros for packing and postage.

A friend bought mine for me and posted it from Germany for 4.5 Euros.
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As there have been recent references to the mini-version of 'Faszination' - and Nathan has e-mailed that to a number of us tonight - I make the following offer:

If anyone would like to watch the full 4.5 hour version (2-DVD set), I am happy to arrange same upon request via pm or e-mail. However, for legal reasons the offer should not be further discussed on a public forum.

The 2-disc set contains over 60 film clips (from which that mini-movie is extracted), documents the entire model history, and includes much M-B Archives material never previously released.

Now don't all rush me at once ...  ;)
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The end of that clip I suppose gives it away.  Rather than "borrow" yours OBH I'll end up buying it sooner or later. 

I've got one favour to ask though.  Could you check who sings the song in the clip Nathan sent.  Is there a reference.  My wife likes the song more than the clip and we were trying to "borrow" it from Limewire but don't know what it's called.  Does anybody know who sings it or the name of the song?
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Quote from: oscar on 09 August 2006, 08:25 PMDoes anybody know who sings it or the name of the song?

Can't find any specific credit on the DVD package, but it does declare:

Music: Roxta
DVD Produced by: Filmhaus Wiesbaden FHW GmbH.

Don't know how helpful that might be.
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Thanks des,

Faszination is now on my Ipod.  ;D It must have been written specifically for the dvd.  Sounded like the work of Black Eyed Peas.
1973 350SE, my first & fave