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I know this is an excellent forum with almost strictly adult talk about cars. But how's everyone doing, in your respective houses, countries?
We, for one, are in the lucky seat, with Taiwan pretty much Covid-free coz we closed the borders in december 2019 and having taken all possible internal measures.
But how are you guys doing?

s class:
Was wondering when this topic would come up.  Here in South Africa, Covid became an issue weeks or months later than other countries, so there was more time for the authorities to act.  A super strict full lockdown has been in place since 23h59 on 26 March, at this stage anticipated to last for 21 days.  The lockdown is enforced by vaious police groups and the army and it is very strict.  All businesses are closed, apart from essential services.  SMall businesses like my own are severely affected by having no cash flow. 

So far, the decisive and extreme action taken by the authorities seems to be having the desired effect with a significant decrease in day-to-day growth in infection rates. 

TJ 450:
Here in Western Australia it's under control for now and there are considerable restrictions in place. A fair proportion of businesses have closed in the hospitality and other sectors and we are only to travel for essential purposes.

It is expected to accelerate over the coming weeks although hopefully nothing like some of the eastern states of Australia which are well ahead in terms of numbers.


In Ireland, we're currently under strict lockdown. All creches/schools/universities have been closed for two weeks now. You can only go out to buy food, to a pre-scheduled doctors appointment, to the pharmacy, and for a walk within 2km of the house. Some parks have closed, but most are open. That's it. All non-critical (food, pharmacies etc.) shops are closed, including all pubs and restaurants. Only take-out places with delivery service can still operate.

I've been working remotely for six weeks now, looking at at least another four.
Sitting in an office ain't my thing, so that bit of the lockdown I don't mind at all :)

The infection curve is still accelerating, so it'll be a while, but at least the mortality rate is reasonably low (~2.5%).

In all fairness, the government here has done the right thing very early on. It's going to cost the country several billion euro in lost tax intake, unemployment benefits and other crisis support mechanisms. Unemployment is expected to rise to near 20% short-term, but we'll get through it. The economy is quite modern, and was going strong before the pandemic (4% growth).

Over in London despite the lockdown many people continue to move around. We live in the middle of a small park where people take their dogs and children for walks. My partner and I are both working full time from home and having to timeshare parental responsibilities. We go out for a walk once a day but have now learned to avoid peak times as there are just too many people around and social distancing is not being practiced consistently. The COVID peak is still to come and personally I am anticipating another 3 months of lock down as numbers of infected and critically ill people rocket up and up. Places like London and UK in general where there is a very liberal mindset, lockdowns work only so well. I expect COVID to hit Britain hard and London in particular. Older members of my family have now been in self-isolation for 2 weeks and I am responsible for delivering food supplies to them once a week. Otherwise we just Skype or Zoom each other.

Having my 6.9 parked in a relatively spacious underground car park nearby makes it easier for me to dedicate some of the scarce free time to getting some jobs done (as per my other posts recently). Many companies try to maintain an online presence and there are lots of courier deliveries still. So if you want something relatively generic then it should be possible to get it delivered.

Overall for us things are okay for now but it's truly scary to imagine that if somebody in my family is taken ill and goes to hospital that I may never see them again alive or dead. Please protect yourself and others by wearing a mask and taking other hygiene precautions.


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