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Title: Covid, people!
Post by: floyd111 on 02 April 2020, 07:43 PM
I know this is an excellent forum with almost strictly adult talk about cars. But how's everyone doing, in your respective houses, countries?
We, for one, are in the lucky seat, with Taiwan pretty much Covid-free coz we closed the borders in december 2019 and having taken all possible internal measures.
But how are you guys doing?
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: s class on 03 April 2020, 02:44 AM
Was wondering when this topic would come up.  Here in South Africa, Covid became an issue weeks or months later than other countries, so there was more time for the authorities to act.  A super strict full lockdown has been in place since 23h59 on 26 March, at this stage anticipated to last for 21 days.  The lockdown is enforced by vaious police groups and the army and it is very strict.  All businesses are closed, apart from essential services.  SMall businesses like my own are severely affected by having no cash flow. 

So far, the decisive and extreme action taken by the authorities seems to be having the desired effect with a significant decrease in day-to-day growth in infection rates. 
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: TJ 450 on 03 April 2020, 07:03 AM
Here in Western Australia it's under control for now and there are considerable restrictions in place. A fair proportion of businesses have closed in the hospitality and other sectors and we are only to travel for essential purposes.

It is expected to accelerate over the coming weeks although hopefully nothing like some of the eastern states of Australia which are well ahead in terms of numbers.

Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: ptashek on 03 April 2020, 08:48 AM
In Ireland, we're currently under strict lockdown. All creches/schools/universities have been closed for two weeks now. You can only go out to buy food, to a pre-scheduled doctors appointment, to the pharmacy, and for a walk within 2km of the house. Some parks have closed, but most are open. That's it. All non-critical (food, pharmacies etc.) shops are closed, including all pubs and restaurants. Only take-out places with delivery service can still operate.

I've been working remotely for six weeks now, looking at at least another four.
Sitting in an office ain't my thing, so that bit of the lockdown I don't mind at all :)

The infection curve is still accelerating (, so it'll be a while, but at least the mortality rate is reasonably low (~2.5%).

In all fairness, the government here has done the right thing very early on. It's going to cost the country several billion euro in lost tax intake, unemployment benefits and other crisis support mechanisms. Unemployment is expected to rise to near 20% short-term, but we'll get through it. The economy is quite modern, and was going strong before the pandemic (4% growth).
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: adamb on 03 April 2020, 02:56 PM
Over in London despite the lockdown many people continue to move around. We live in the middle of a small park where people take their dogs and children for walks. My partner and I are both working full time from home and having to timeshare parental responsibilities. We go out for a walk once a day but have now learned to avoid peak times as there are just too many people around and social distancing is not being practiced consistently. The COVID peak is still to come and personally I am anticipating another 3 months of lock down as numbers of infected and critically ill people rocket up and up. Places like London and UK in general where there is a very liberal mindset, lockdowns work only so well. I expect COVID to hit Britain hard and London in particular. Older members of my family have now been in self-isolation for 2 weeks and I am responsible for delivering food supplies to them once a week. Otherwise we just Skype or Zoom each other.

Having my 6.9 parked in a relatively spacious underground car park nearby makes it easier for me to dedicate some of the scarce free time to getting some jobs done (as per my other posts recently). Many companies try to maintain an online presence and there are lots of courier deliveries still. So if you want something relatively generic then it should be possible to get it delivered.

Overall for us things are okay for now but it's truly scary to imagine that if somebody in my family is taken ill and goes to hospital that I may never see them again alive or dead. Please protect yourself and others by wearing a mask and taking other hygiene precautions.

Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: marku on 06 April 2020, 08:56 AM
As Adam says it is really going from bad to worse. Those institutions you would expect to have to deal with it are struggling simply because we have had for the last 10 years a government that thought we could do without them. They either closed down or sold off anything that was not nailed down. There was a time when these organisations staged practice responses to emergencies to see how effective they could be. Not now and that is why we are in this mess. One good thing is that the PM has got it and is in hospital. He is at least out of the way and not interfering. Perhaps the rest of the government will get it.
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: rumb on 06 April 2020, 10:59 AM
The main rational in the USA for self quarantine is to "flatten" the curve so hospitals are not overloaded. However blanket orders by state have left many hospitals laying worker off for lack of work. However in many places restrictions were put into place up to 3 weeks before a single person in a County had the virus, causing mass hording.

The government has worked with suppliers to ramp up production of needed supplies and is backing States in their need for these items. Some states failed to procure and stockpile  these items in the past despite previous CDC recommendations.  A law was rescinded that prohibited shipments directly from hospitals to other hospitals.  In many places restrictions were put into place up to 3 weeks before a single person in a county had the virus, causing mass hording.

On the ridiculous side  a few people have been arrested for sitting on a beach watching a sunset or even just going for a drive. Churches have been attempted to be shut in complete violation of our First Amendment to Constitution.  Now the grocery stores are empty and some are dropping prices because they have too much product.  Hopefully the just in recent days use of ~quinine in NY will allow our FDA to allow widespread use.  If so the curve here could drop drastically. Good news in illegal immigration and flow of illegal drugs has dropped. So has Legislatures being closed stopped the passing of unneeded legislation.

Here we can still go to doctors, grocery store, auto store, hardware store,  parks, bicycle, golf, tennis and exercise outdoors all allowed following social distancing.A few coffee/bakeries are still open with distancing measures and restaurants have delivery or curb side pick up.We try to support a couple of these each week.

My hope is the social distancing, personal hygiene and ramped up production of medicines will greatly shorten this experience. the USA has had a bit more time to prepare than Europe to our advantage.
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: floyd111 on 07 April 2020, 04:03 PM
Mail services mayhem; Starting 3-5 days ago, post offices in Germany, and probably in some other European countries, no longer accept parcels meant for shipping outside the EU. Some has to do with Russia no longer allowing shipments through their ground and air space.
eBay now simply refunds delayed stuff out of their own pocket. That happened yesterday. Never seen that before. 
Other sellers are one-sided sending money back to me. That is new
I am still buying/paying stuff now, but tell sellers to not ship till further notice. That is new.
Other stuff that was already shipped before the new measures now require the receiver's ID data before delivery is possible here in Taiwan. Not a biggie, you'd say, if only the couriers abroad were accepting calls, so one might leave that ID for items stuck in customs.
It's a mess.
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: floyd111 on 16 April 2020, 09:00 PM
Looks like more and more countries in Europe are seeing virus numbers drop. I predict Europe is gonna be business as usual within 5-6 weeks, but in a full blown recession. Banks are predicting a 5 to 8 percent shrinkage all along the board. That's gonna be tough, akin to the 1930's. Same in the rest of the western world. China is looking at 6 to 9% growth in 2020/2021. If you're in a volatile seat, making your way to Asia could be a very wise choice.
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: rumb on 17 April 2020, 05:23 AM
here more and more states are seeing protests against irrational edicts from some states governors. Michigan gov banned sale of vegetable and flower seeds. Already 》200k online sign to recall gov.

Scattered cases arising from local action violating Constitutional rights.

20 states report less than 50 deaths. With new guidelines I expect some reopening in next 2 weeks. At least 2 states have never implemented lockdowns. At least their economies won't suffer as bad.

Half of all deaths in new york. Commiefornia is giving illegals free money. Crazy.
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: floyd111 on 20 April 2020, 07:00 AM
Michigan gov banned sale of vegetable and flower seeds.

dare I ask what the motivation is for that?
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: rumb on 20 April 2020, 09:14 AM
Michigan gov banned sale of vegetable and flower seeds.

dare I ask what the motivation is for that?

Sheer stupidity?

You can go in the other part of the store but not that section. Apparently crossing that line means people will die.  go figure. Logic is in short supply for many.

I can go in large home improvement store but not into ice cream parlour next door.

I can go into liquor store but not go into the BBQ next door.

I can go into tire store but not the one person barber next door.

I can go into the coffee/bakery but not the toy store next door.

I can go the the spice shop but not the clothing store next door.

But hey gasoline is $1.48 a gallon.

All because 3 people died from a bad flu virus in a town of 200,000. Meanwhile suicides are up 20% and Domestic Violence up 30%.

/rant mode off/

Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: adamb on 21 April 2020, 02:52 PM
You know, USA is being pretty badly f*cked by this virus. In my limited experience many people in the Western world are bad at taking directions from above or even doing the rational thing like social distancing. 50 dead today is usually 500 dead tomorrow. Be careful, especially if you are vulnerable.

However, I am happy that I can refuel my 6.9 at £1 per litre. It can't go any lower due to taxation mostly. We can't go anywhere so I have been using the old girl to get me to the supermarket. Lots of admiring glances and nods from many folks.
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: rumb on 21 April 2020, 06:31 PM
In  my state the death rate is 7.6 thousands of one percent, hardly bad. .000076  At least 25 states the rate is even lower. 6 States never closed.  Our State re-opens in 7 days.  :) :) :) :) :)   99.99% of people are quite good at social distancing around here. Most people are wearing masks. At least in our state- as well as most - we are free to drive where ever we want to. Hospitals have never reached capacity.

New York City With 29,000 people per square mile and lots of subways has a very bad rate. But a month into CV the Mayor told everyone it was safe to go wherever they wanted. @1/2 the cases in US are in NY. Even there the rate is dropping now.

Perhaps your press has painted a different picture?

Agreed, elderly with compromised health should be careful.

BTW, I read that Merriam-Webster has updated the dictionary. Under debacle it now says "See Covid-19"   ::)

PS We are pretty adverse to taking direction from above because our Constitution Limits Federal and States powers.  ;)  The Michigan Legislature has filed for an injunction against the Governor's orders and the US Attorney General has filed as a friend of the plaintiff.
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: rumb on 05 May 2020, 10:44 AM
Food for thought.

 It is panic and hysteria, not the coronavirus, that created this catastrophe andnd the consequences in much of the world will be more horrible than in America.

Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: daantjie on 05 May 2020, 11:43 AM
At least all the documentary film outfits, such as Netflix must be rubbing their little hands in glee, they now have fodder to make docs on this issue for the next 100 years ;D Until they give us another classy one like "Tiger King" of course ;D  Only in 'murica ;)
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: floyd111 on 05 May 2020, 06:07 PM
Yeah, that netflix covid doc.. It just about covered nothing and added even less.


Not a bad write-up. but again, does it  add anything?
What all these armchair combattants fail to address are the actual issues at hand: greed. And not in the old-fashioned sense, but in the literal sense.
All those naysayers I met in the 45 years of travel, in all 45 countries I been. People who are told that this system of ours is better then anything else. People that scoff at the suggestion we do away with money altogether. People claiming it's not possible because everybody would want a private jet. Claiming nobody would ever want to work again, dismissing people's nature to want to be good, to want to be useful,  (at least seen as) helpful. Cynics and dumb folk, paying Murdoch, rather then to pick up a book. Nationalists and patriots, told to joining armies and governments. People like me that work for corporations. People taking pride in being blue collar and a hard day's work, rather then to honor those that found their way out. People that have been taught to blame the weakest of us all, the homeless, the immigrants, the unemployed, the disenfranchised. People rooting for local, provincial, state or national sport teams, because of some Pavlov knee-jerk line of thought, hammered into their consciousness from birth, that that these teams somehow represent them. People that claim whatever place they happened to be born at, is their"home", and therefore will  not leave, whether that's Flint, Michigan, Lyon or Timbuk2. Delusional people using the word God to placate their own fragile belief systems. Religious leaders, all of them waving books that -by default/dogma automatically exclude and condemn everyone who does not believe the same book. People claiming we need capitalism and religion, or we would all end up living like barbarians at each other's throats. People with guns, people with dogs, claiming these are their "babies" while spending money on those "babies" while real babies are dying quietly in far-away wars, far-away countries, paid for with our tax dollars. People who deny 100% of our history, each time again voting for the next army of pricks, claiming they "just know" it will be different this time. An orange murderer-in-chief, a black murderer-in-chief, a female wannabe murderer-in-chief, a peanut-farming murderer-in-chief.
21 trillion dollar missing from the Pentagon
21 trillion dollar national deficit

It's THAT op-ed i would want to see in print on the front page of any newspaper, any mainstream website, any TV station, any radio station.
Instead, we have discussions about the economy, and what ways there are to  get back to where we were as fast as possible.
Long live our Third-World planet

P.S. Never mind the trillionaires. They are innocent. They have nothing to do with any of this.

Stan, CEO

//rant mode off/
Title: Re: Covid, people!
Post by: floyd111 on 02 July 2020, 12:02 PM
So  how's things now around the world?

After shutting down the airports in december 2019, we've been pretty much on invisible -island-lockdown ever since.
There are still the remnants of gov policy here and there, where some people still wear maks in public places, but no more masks and checks in schools for a month now, and only ummanned heat cameras catching dust at hospital front doors.
We might see airports re-open October 01..
Total deaths in taiwan..7, and not even sure they died from Covid, or they were just coughing while dying of old age.