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Re: Covid, people!
« Reply #15 on: 05 May 2020, 11:43 AM »
At least all the documentary film outfits, such as Netflix must be rubbing their little hands in glee, they now have fodder to make docs on this issue for the next 100 years ;D Until they give us another classy one like "Tiger King" of course ;D  Only in 'murica ;)
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Re: Covid, people!
« Reply #16 on: 05 May 2020, 06:07 PM »
Yeah, that netflix covid doc.. It just about covered nothing and added even less.


Not a bad write-up. but again, does it  add anything?
What all these armchair combattants fail to address are the actual issues at hand: greed. And not in the old-fashioned sense, but in the literal sense.
All those naysayers I met in the 45 years of travel, in all 45 countries I been. People who are told that this system of ours is better then anything else. People that scoff at the suggestion we do away with money altogether. People claiming it's not possible because everybody would want a private jet. Claiming nobody would ever want to work again, dismissing people's nature to want to be good, to want to be useful,  (at least seen as) helpful. Cynics and dumb folk, paying Murdoch, rather then to pick up a book. Nationalists and patriots, told to joining armies and governments. People like me that work for corporations. People taking pride in being blue collar and a hard day's work, rather then to honor those that found their way out. People that have been taught to blame the weakest of us all, the homeless, the immigrants, the unemployed, the disenfranchised. People rooting for local, provincial, state or national sport teams, because of some Pavlov knee-jerk line of thought, hammered into their consciousness from birth, that that these teams somehow represent them. People that claim whatever place they happened to be born at, is their"home", and therefore will  not leave, whether that's Flint, Michigan, Lyon or Timbuk2. Delusional people using the word God to placate their own fragile belief systems. Religious leaders, all of them waving books that -by default/dogma automatically exclude and condemn everyone who does not believe the same book. People claiming we need capitalism and religion, or we would all end up living like barbarians at each other's throats. People with guns, people with dogs, claiming these are their "babies" while spending money on those "babies" while real babies are dying quietly in far-away wars, far-away countries, paid for with our tax dollars. People who deny 100% of our history, each time again voting for the next army of pricks, claiming they "just know" it will be different this time. An orange murderer-in-chief, a black murderer-in-chief, a female wannabe murderer-in-chief, a peanut-farming murderer-in-chief.
21 trillion dollar missing from the Pentagon
21 trillion dollar national deficit

It's THAT op-ed i would want to see in print on the front page of any newspaper, any mainstream website, any TV station, any radio station.
Instead, we have discussions about the economy, and what ways there are to  get back to where we were as fast as possible.
Long live our Third-World planet

P.S. Never mind the trillionaires. They are innocent. They have nothing to do with any of this.

Stan, CEO

//rant mode off/
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