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Classic issue : STAR protection

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Yes, I know, permanently fit a loaded UZI behind the grille and when the star leaves the radiator shell : voilà !!!! 8)

OK, seriously, I am going to fit an alarm.

Now time for a tiny french lesson  guys  ;D

You know, the kind of alarm that honks at the "son of a whore" (french slang : fils de pute) that tries to pull it.

I am quite unfamiliar with alarms. Do I need a microswitch ? or is there some kind of "touch sensitive" device ? I understand that vibration detection is a contactor that closes when there is some lateral motion but that does not sound like an early warning since it seems that quiet a bit of motion is needed.

If the alarm could "beep" at the fils de pute, he might leave it at that.

My Portuguese neighbour seriously thinks that a load of salt in the ass from a 20 gauge is the best solution but french law prohibits that - we are not in the hills of Portugal, unfortunately  8)

I am actually trying to do two things : warn the "sons of a whore" while provoking the least inconvenience to my neighbours, so no full blown circus at first...

Suggestions other than rehabilitating the guillotine ?


Paris, France

Denis: Perhaps you need a variant on my Old Man's method (very successful!) for deterring farm dogs from p1ssing on his wheels: a spare ignition coil so rigged that anyone touching (or p1ssing on) the car gets 20,000 volts up his arm (or whatever). Should give les fils des putes (?) pause for thought - without actually damaging them (too much).   8)

PS: Have a thought for the neighbourhood poodles, though.  ;D

Oz that sounds like a great idea. zzz zzz ???


Great idea BUT how do you do it ? The STAR needs to be insulated from the radiator shell, any suggestiosn  :P


Paris, France

Superb weather, it's time to visit folks !

Gordon; was it you some months back that posted a video clip on how to do this?

might have been here or on ozvets, wiring the star into a coil linked to the battery I think?


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