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Buddy wants to buy a cool, old pickup. But....

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Good job! My 280s still has points, had to get the good old dwell meter out!!!

I had one of those. A 69 C10. My only problem with it is that it had drum brakes all around and no brake servo. Otherwise, it would have made a good daily driver as the engine (327 CI V8) had plenty of go, steering was super light and with the long bed configuration, quite comfortable. I also had a 73 GMC Sierra Grand which was the first year of the square body and it had power brakes. I called it the Cowboy Cadillac.

My buddy got his new truck.  Very exiting!  A nice, white, 1966 F250 Camper Edition.  Now he's committed to learning about carbs and freaking out about the 1 cylinder brake system.  I wish him well.

But imagine our surprise when the seller showed up in a stunning 300SD!  It had a for beautiful new tobacco interior from GATH (right name?).  They were equally amazed to see another W116.  We had a whole car show going on.

Squiggle Dog:
That's amazing! I bought my first W116 300SD when I was in Utah. It's great that your friend got a year of Ford you can actually get parts for. If you've got a 1957-1960 model year like my roommate has, you can't get anything for it. Same with a 1965 Ford wagon... Even parts availability for Fords is pretty dismal compared to Mercedes.


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